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    Feb 2004
    pakasalan mo na libre na lancer mo
    pakasal o pasakal?! hehhe!

    Besides, mas versatile ang SUV. Baha, cargo, people carrier, towing, etc. Lots of vehicles bundled into one siya.
    e2 ang hanap ko at gusto ko sa SUV.

    if i were u -- keep it.

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by KCboy
    pag tagulan na and when u get married, your gonna wish u kept your troooper.hehehe.
    +1 on that. pwede naman din public transpo as well para makatipid.

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    Jun 2003
    mahal din magpagkasal It's like buying a 2nd hand car as well Atleast pag kotse bibilhin mo deed of sale lang pipirmahan mo hehehe

    hmmm pano ba makakatipid? I guess you can get a 2nd hand vitara... You still retain practical bits of an SUV but I'm not sure if the difference in gas consumption and maintenance costs would justify the sale of the Trooper. for sure masmura yun insurance hehe... or get a public utility jeepney, they have a special lane on the gas pumps at discounted price. atleast pagpasok mo sa work pede ka pa kuha pasahero on the way pambawi sa gastos hehehe just kidding.

    pero kung ako ikaw, I would keep my trooper. nothing beats space and utility. Siguro to sustain it I'll just cutback on small unimportant expenditures like premiums on insurance- take out what you don't need. Do the carwash instead of going to a shop... or cutback on dining out? or maybe break muna kayo ng GF on certain occassions like valentines day para ndi magastos sa gift at date hehe

    kelan ba yan oil price rollback? totoo ba? When I heard it on the news, I was like "yeah, right... a rollback? as if!" When did it last happen?

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    Oct 2002
    Sige I'll try to use public transport na muna for now. I'll try to use my truck on fridays and weekends nalang and see if the amount I saved will be sufficient to retain it. Thanks for the replies guys.

    But if there are any takers why not diba? As for getting a sedan, i'm also considering a second hand pickup now. Perhaps an Isuzu Fuego.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by afrasay
    Retain the Trooper. Mas malaki pa ang resale value niyan. Plus all of the other things mentioned above. IMO, why buy another or a brand new car just because it consumes 3km/li or more than your exisitng ride? Is it worth it?
    I think this is the clincher.

    If I'm in that situation, I will retain the Trooper, unless talagang kailangan ang extra cash or something like that.

    Retain the Trooper.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by afrasay
    ...but you're tied for life
    Oi ano ibig sabihin mo dito..??hehe Pwedeng pang blackmail to ah..hehe

    Hens: Yung lancer kasi ng GF ko technically sa parents niya yun. hehe. May mas maganda akong solusyon ---Kunin kita ninong tapos regaluhan mo kami ng lancer..hehe.

    As of now, retain na nga lang muna siguro ang trooper. Cut nalang muna ako sa gimiks ang other trips. Thanks again guys!

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    Oct 2002
    retain the trooper!

    tapos bili ka na lang ng kia pride!

    meron jan sa tabi-tabi na P70k lang!

    sa labas mo na lang i-park pero pa-insure mo para kahit ma-carnap okay lang.

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    Oct 2002
    Bogart. This was what I was thinking of last night. Wala bang 40k na kia pride? hehe. But seriously, I am also thinking of getting one. Ano ba specs ng Kia pride?

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    Apr 2005
    Wag mo palitan Trooper mo. Bili ka na lang scooter o kaya murang old beetle...mura at pwede mo park kahit saan...hehehe. I don't think it would be worth it in the long run ang move na balak mo. At saka, mas mababa na ngayon presyo ng diesel kesa gasoline diba?

    At saka hirap na bumili ng Trooper pag nag-asawa ka na at kinailangan ang mas malaking sasakyan. Biglang magkakaroon ng department of audit/finance sa bahay nyo pag nagpakasal ka na

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    Oct 2002
    Boy T.: Hahaha o nga hirap magjustify. Hindi lang department of Audit and Finance yun. PNP at Supreme court nandun na din..hehe.

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