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    Sorexton este Sorrento pala for me. Di ko kasi gaano type ang itsura ng Rexton.

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    baka naman bumili ka na KCBoy, may nakita ako awhile ago near ur place black rexton

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    Oct 2002
    d po...still thinking pa din.

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    Oct 2002
    What Overlander 4WD had to say about the Rexton and Sorento:

    Ssangyong Rexton
    The Rexton is a five-door, five-seat 4WD wagon about the same size as a BMW X5 or Kia Sorento. The model was launched in Korea back in 2001 and there has been a few of the first generation vehicles in Australia in limited numbers. It’s with this new second-gen Rexton that Ssangyong hopes to make its mark here.

    Aside from a few visual touches the biggest difference on the second-gen Rexton is the availability of a new 2.7-litre common-rail turbo-diesel engine. The previous model had a choice of 2.9L turbo-diesel and 3.2L petrol engines and these will continue to be offered alongside the RX270. Model designations are RX270, RX320 and RX290 depending on engine size. The RX290 comes in base spec Sport while the 270 and 320 comes in Sport Plus and Limited models.

    Ssangyong continues to have a strong relationship with Mercedes Benz, producing some components under licence while sharing some others. The 2.7L engine shares much in common with Mercedes Benz’s ML270 CRD mill. The five cylinder is built in Korea to Mercedes Benz standards and uses the latest high pressure common rail injection. It produces 121kW at 4000rpm with 340Nm of torque available from 1800 to 3200rpm. It is backed by a five-speed auto with manual sports shifting and this is the same auto ’box that Mercedes uses in its own vehicles. A five-speed manual is also available.

    The 2.9L turbo-diesel is an old tech engine and only produces 88kW at 4000rpm and 256Nm at 2400 rpm while the six cylinder petrol 3.2L puts out 162kW at 6100 and 312 at 4600rpm. The RX290 and RX320 currently have an Australian made four-speed auto however the RX320 will be getting the five-speed auto from the 270 shortly.

    Rexton’s body rides on a separate ladder chassis with a coil sprung IFS and live rear axle. The front end uses double wishbone suspension while the rear is a five-link design. 4WD is on-demand via electronic traction control and there is high and low range.

    The interior is well appointed, the RX270Xdi we drove in New Zealand had leather trim, climate control and all the usual power features. It was comfortable and user friendly and seemed well put together. This demonstrator model also had an optional body styling kit fitted and aftermarket 17-inch alloy wheels.

    The Rexton exhibits build quality better than we’re used to from Ssangyong and the Rapson representatives were very keen to tell us that this is to be expected from the manufacturer now that it is rid of Daewoo. While not being up to that of the Japanese, the fit and finish of both the interior and the panels was very good and would pass the tests of most buyers.

    Performance too was strong with the RX270 having plenty of torque and an excellent auto transmission. Rapson quotes zero to 100kph in 13.4 seconds. In rough going low range work, the Rexton surprised us with its ability – the rear end and traction control worked well together to traverse most obstacles.

    We also had a quick drive of a first generation RX320 and the straight six petrol donk is the performance pick of the range, offering spirited acceleration even with the older four-speed auto. Equipped with the sports shifting five-speed, it should be a very nice drive.
    Kia Sorento
    The Korean automaker Kia earned itself a reputation of being able to produce a rugged, value-for-money, compact 4WD wagon with its Sportage. This comes as no surprise as Kia has 25 years experience building a range of tough off-road vehicles used by the Korean military. In 2003 it enters the ultra-competitive mid-size 4WD wagon market in Australia but unlike other recent additions to the class which are pure soft-roaders, Kia has stuck to its guns and built a 4WD with many traditional off-road attributes.

    The all-new Sorento is similar in size but slightly bigger than the Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute and the Jeep Cherokee although it doesn’t feel as big as a Nissan Pathfinder or Holden Frontera. In some dimensions and appearance it is similar to an M-Class Mercedes or BMW X5, and Kia is pushing its new model on its stylish looks which it says rival the European SUVs.

    The Sorento’s claim to fame in the market will be its price and equipment level. It has been launched locally in just one specification level at $37,950. Standard equipment includes 3.5L V6 petrol engine, four-speed automatic transmission, shift-on-the-fly part-time 4WD with low range, ABS brakes, dual front airbags, power windows, mirrors and doorlocks, cruise control, alloy wheels, AM/FM/CD player with six speakers and airconditioning. Options are limited to metallic paint, leather trim and a power sunroof. To get similar equipment for the money you’d have to look at the seven seater Hyundai Terracan or Suzuki XL-7 although neither of these are as stylish appearing than the five-seat Sorento.

    There is a link between the Terracan and Sorento in that they use the same V6 engine and automatic transmission. The DOHC, 24-valve mill produces 145kW at 5500rpm and 295Nm at 3000rpm. It’s enough to propel the 2027kg Sorento along at a reasonable clip although it’s no sports car. There’s not a lot of grunt low in the rev range and overtaking is best done with a lot of forethought. We’ve yet to record accurate fuel consumption figures for the Sorento but we got just over 500km out of the 80-litre tank when touring on backroads. In the near identical weight but possibly not as aerodynamic Terracan we found the engine to be thirsty, recording 14.2L/100km.

    The Sorento’s electronic four-speed auto transmission is left a bit lacking in these days of intelligent five-speed ’boxes with sports-shifts. The Kia’s box did tend to hold gears longer than most which gave it a sporty feel but it had trouble making up its mind when pushed hard. In smoother, average-use driving the transmission didn’t show any problems.

    In traditional 4WD fashion the Sorento uses a body-on-frame construction rather than a monocoque chassis. The ladder chassis has been designed to incorporate crumple zones and the perimeter rails run down the outside edges of the vehicle to provide side-impact protection.
    The front end is suspended independently on double wishbones and coil springs with a sway bar, and the power steering is by rack and pinion. At the back a live axle hangs off a five-link arrangement, also with coils and a sway bar. The suspension package is firm and stable. Some drivers may find the dampening a bit too firm particularly on pot-holed city roads where the bumps are transferred through the body. This also shows up on corrugated dirt roads which can make the back end skittish. The firm suspension does give good handling and ride on smooth roads where they are available. The short wheelbase (2710mm) and wide track (1580mm) give a good footprint and work to advantage here too.

    For off-road use the Sorento is restricted by the limited wheel travel at the front end, however the live rear axle offers adequate articulation. A limited-slip rear diff helps here but there’s no electronic traction control. Ground clearance is quoted at 203mm with approach, departure and ramp-over angles of 27.9, 26.4 and 21.9°. The short wheelbase and reasonable ground clearance making for the good ramp-over figure. The low range ratio of 2.479 is handy although as with many petrol engine/auto transmission combos, engine braking isn’t a strong point.

    As mentioned, the interior is well equipped with standard features. It’s also roomy, comfortable and well designed. Storage bins, three 12-volt power outlets, drink, CD and sunglasses holders, and a cargo area cover with load net are all a part of the package. The cargo area is a good size and very usable and with the rear seat folded, the Sorento has a claimed 1900-litres storage capacity. With the optional leather as on the test vehicle, the Sorento gives the feeling of a vehicle worth much more than it’s $40K price tag although some of the interior plastics and materials show that the Kia is still built to a budget.

    The VFacts figures for January show that 60 Sorentos were sold prior to launch and Kia is expecting around 100 sales a month in its first year. With its good looks and value for money there could well be a demand for more Sorentos but Kia says that there might be a supply problem from the factory due to the car’s popularity in other markets where demand is exceeding supply. Much of the Sorento’s success overseas has come with the 2.5L common-rail turbo-diesel model and although this is not being offered here as yet, Kia Australia’s Managing Director, Rick Hull didn’t rule it out saying it could be considered in the future, possibly next year.

    The mid-size SUV market is growing rapidly to challenge even the compact SUVs. The Sorento is another vehicle that should entice more buyers to the segment.
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    Dec 2004
    its a REXTON for me! :D

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    Aug 2004
    normal lang naman cguro na lumakas sa gas ang V6 3.5 ltr A/T considering how big the engine is ,sa diesel im not sure havent tried diesel engines ,
    check out my stat.
    drove 380 km for 60 ltr na pinalagay ko kase nong kunin ko sa kasa may konting laman na yung sorento V6 ,3.5 LTR GAS with my AC on all the way so after a few more km gas warning appears , ived used a few more ltr on my reseve tank i guess ? more or less 6km?ltr more or less ,it may not be the exact figures but its very close I mean AFAIC. PEACE

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    Aug 2004
    yeah ur question ??[QUOTE]
    since i have the sorento ,,,,ill go for sangyong ..PEACE ULE...

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    Oct 2002
    This is a moot point since KCboy is planning to get BOTH anyways.

    Pero pogi talaga Rexton ni KC. Gives the ML class a run for its money.
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