Just got this from my mailbox. Not sure if its true...maybe others could affirm :wink:

"The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to implement new towing guidelines to deter the abuses attributed to fly-by-night tow truck operators.
Acting on various complaints of private citizens, MMDA chairman Bayani
Fernando yesterday announced that the Authority will enforce the new
towing guidelines beginning the third week of September.
The new scheme will require all tow truck operators to be registered with the local government unit (LGU) where they are assigned as well as with
the MMDA.
For a tow truck to be accredited by the MMDA, Mr. Fernando said it has to
have a particular body color and markings and should be in good condition.

These guidelines would be jointly enforced by the MMDA and the LGU
Under the new guidelines, the crew of the tow truck must first call the MMDA to relay information, including the vehicle model, color, specific
violation, plate number and the impounding area where it will be brought.
This information will then be recorded in a logbook at the MMDA metrobase.
Only after this procedure is performed will the crew be given authorization
to tow the vehicle.
In case the crew of the tow truck does not report their action to the MMDA,
they will be charged with carnapping, Mr. Fernando said.
This penalty, he said, will deter abuses since the charge is a
non-bailable offense.
The towed vehicle will be assigned a reference number to allow the owner
to follow up his or her car's whereabouts, the corresponding violations and fines. Car owners can call "136," the MMDA 24 -hour hotline which is also called "Call Metro."
Citizens can also use the hotline to report traffic incidents, request for
action, and inquire on the locations of streets and traffic updates, among others.

The "Call Metro" program will be launched together with the new towing
guidelines, Mr. Fernando said.

The MMDA, meanwhile, will also begin night shift operations aimed at
improving traffic flow.

"We want to create a new shift to enforce traffic operations for the night
as right now we only have a skeletal force of six persons for our night
operations," said Lito De Dios, MMDA traffic operations center chief.
"This was also the result of the various complaints we received from
last week as they encountered heavy traffic during the night, particularly
in the Sta. Mesa area in Manila, the Kalentong area in Mandaluyong and in
the Quezon City Circle area," Mr. De Dios yesterday said.
Currently, the MMDA has only six roving patrols for night shift
operations, which only last up to 10 p.m.
"This force will be deployed in motorcycles so they could be highly mobile and could respond quickly to problem areas," the MMDA official added.
He said the MMDA will also build emergency stations along Edsa which will house motorcycle units, an ambulance and a mobile patrol unit to better respond to the needs of motorists -- Alab D. Vitug "