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how did you attach the home made rubber snubber to the overload leaf? the one on the website had a bolt on it for attachment. is it possible to drill a 1/2" hole on the leaf and tightly fit the bottom of the snubber into the hole? i wonder how long will the snubber stays on especially if it gets knocked by the upper leafs during heavy load or due to vibrations.

In my case small holes were drilled through acetelyne, enough to fit the NO. 12 bolt and nut. I have experienced overload of passengers- officemates of my wife and kids after the christmas party: 4 in the rear; 4 adults in the middle plus 2 kids (kalong) and 2 beside me in front including my wife. After traveling from Manila to Cavite, I inspected the the snubbers' condition. Ok naman it stays in place although it needs further obervation in the long run.