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    Oct 2002

    there was one thing i wanted to say yesterday but i did not. i erased it yesterday but now, since you keep at it then i beg your pardon in advance. the 4th pharagraph of my post yesterday was actually longer, it should have read...

    "btw, it's just a *#$%* car. there was absolutely no need for that knee-jerking. I THOUGHT THIS BOARD HAVE GROWN UP ENOUGH FOR ITS MEMBERS NOT TO TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY ESPECIALLY WHEN TOPICS ARE CARS."

    so stop taking the posts as intended to offend you, sir. the moderators in this forum have worked hard enough reminding people about that. so please, on your 9th post, GROW UP!

    and i find nothing wrong with sikuya's sentence construction either. i understood everything, so why can't you?

    and doctor, I know what dyslexia means. you, doctor, have no sense of humor.
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    Dec 2003
    pardon yebo, i'm a victim of dyslexia too.
    i know there weren't any autoshows in boston that showcased the equinox
    and there was i blabbering about the auto show in boston lasy nov.i promise not to be dyslexic next time.

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