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    Feb 2004
    mga sirs meron din ganyan ung mazda mpv ko. pag inapakan mo parang my tumutulak pabalik nung brake pedal. pero ang naiisip ko is baka epekto ito ng abs pero just to be safe check ko din ang mga rotors at brakepad.

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    Oct 2002
    Pencils: Yup I agree on your points about the DS being the culprit. I don't feel naman any vibration on the body nor on the transmission when the car is in motion. I'm bringing my car to big berts this coming sunday morning together with my mechanics since Dave there has a good lifter and has graciously accomodated my request if I could borrow it for a couple of hours.

    The vibration that I feel on my brake pedal isn't the pulsatile-like kind of vibration. It just feels like as if you could feel the turns of the rotor being transmitted to the pedal itself.

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    Oct 2003
    Philip, san ka nagpa repack ng bearings? kasi meron din problem ang vitara ko pero medyo iba ng konti. when im driving the highway in 90kph to 100kph, my car wiggles in upward and sideway motion but in a tolerable manner. Pero pag lumagpas na sya sa 100kph eh nawawala naman. I already had a wheel balancing, wheel alignment, new set of tires, new tire rods and also installed the steering dampers, but still the vibration persists. Dunno what to do next? Help naman guys...

    Di kaya sa drive shaft or wheel bearings? San ba maganda mag pa check and yung mura na magaling.

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    wiretap: saw you kanina sa emergency shoulder ng SLEX after alabang exit. Hope it's not the vibrating pedal

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    Oct 2002
    garyq: I was on my way to Batangas. Suffered a tire puncture right after the Alabang bridge!!! Bad trip talaga. I think my KO's stepped on a medium-sized nail that punctured the whole tire thread and got dislodged. I was driving around 50kph when I heard a soft boom coming from the back. Had to do a tire change there.

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    Oct 2002
    mikaztro::: Yung symptoms ng sasakyan nyo po ay malamang sa unbalanced tires. Minsan di nakukuha ng balancer sa isang sukat. Try other balancing shops, and have it checked twice.

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    Oct 2002
    Just came from Bigberts. Vincent was very gracious enough as to allow me use of their lifter. My friend Alan who owns a Vitara also was there to do servicing din. Had my Zuk lifted then I had the rear tires spinned. Felt the vibration so definitely the cause was from the rear drivetrain. Palit kami brake drums with my friend. I installed his drums in mine then test drive. Ayun! Nawala ang vibra. Install ko din brake drums ko sa kanya. Sus...nag vibra din brake pedal niya. Conclusion: Warped rear brake drums.

    My next move: either to get a new set of rear brake drums or ibalik ko yung drums where I had it refaced before and have it done again.

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    gud na solve din yung problema

    I was also going to Sto.Tomas, Batangas when I spotted you.

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    Oct 2002
    Congrats Doc Phil!

    At least na-isolate na yung prob. As stated somewhere in The Worksop, drums can also warp and cause vibrations.

    Oh, and just a suggestion. Replace them rather than reface them

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    Apr 2004
    mikaztro, subukan mo muna ilipat yung rear tires so front, di ba ganyan yung nangyari dati sa akin......I tried balancing but no good.... but when I put the front tires to the rear ayun nawala na..

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