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    Jan 1970
    JeepcruiserPh...maybe you're here in Baguio already...nope, there's no online map that I know of.Sorry!

    Diesoline...Now I know!Thanks, but unforturnately, I don't have a 4x4, just an old B2200. I hope to see around town zipping along with your truck. Before, I took the picture of the vitara, I asked permission and he gave a friendly nod. You could see the owner in the vehicle.

    Quindoyos...The only "Robert's" shop I know of is in M.Roxas street, Trancoville in Baguio. The Business name is Robert's Auto Repair shop. Their job is ok, I bring my pickup there for minor repairs, besides, there's a long waiting list because a lot of folks bring their rides there too! Anyway, I'll ask around here...

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    Aug 2003
    ibaloi: i hope to see you sometime soon, ibaloi. you can drop by jeff's anytime. that guy's really helpful and friendly. i just sold my pickup this morning. lucky person that guy who bought it cheap.

    quindoyos: i asked around but nobody amongst my circle seems to know mang robert.

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    Jan 1970
    Lucky guy indeed, Diesoline! Well, looking forward to meeting you and hopefully your new rig!

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    Sep 2004
    ngayon ko lang nakita tong thread na ito. anyway, Jeff is a friend of mine. kababata ko and kapitbahay. had my F150 lifted by him. wide selection of aftermarket parts. the 97 model vitara belongs to his brother pero nabenta na yun at 380K inclusive of all setup. 35" tires, hilux diff front and back. rancho rs9000 all the way. LC coils ata, regear etc.

    Medyo tago yung shop nya pero dinadayo.
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