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    ayun pala yung bagong mafia car ng tsikot

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    Feb 2004
    congrats pk! kaya pala tinatanong kita sa text kung magkano final price, hindi mo na sinagot ehehe

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    Oct 2002
    hehe. tnx mga boss!!!

    Still contemplating the HIDs though...

    Boss Pherry, very very very nice price kuha ko hihihihihi.

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    PK: anong HID bibilhin mo?

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    Oct 2002
    GT something yung brand. May halogen hi beams. pero parang pass muna ako hehe.

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    Apr 2004


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    Nov 2002
    gwapo :D

    may kada kame 19's na ganyan sa 2K accord...

    wag ka mag GT.. hehehehe.. check mo muna diff brands bago ka magconsider

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    Aug 2003
    congrats pajerokid! nice rims. kala ko kuha ka rota extremes? what made you decide to purchase lensos. pero mas maganda siya! sana makapunta kayo sa pajero clan eb sa dec. 17 3pm sa gonuts donuts parking sa the fort. dumadami na pajero na naka blings!

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    Oct 2002
    sir pk.. and other with ralliart ed pajero mags.. mack nyo po ako ha.. if benta nyo tnx

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by pajerokid
    Oks ba?

    Lenso T620s with 295/45/20 tires hehehe.

    Very very quiet compared to AT tires. What i first though were bad wheel bearings turned out to be just tire noise.

    Excellent handling, with a UTQG rating of A, the Mastercraft tires inspired confidence in both wet and dry handling. Very significant difference compared to AT.

    Steering, waaaaay heavier. Consider the stock Paj tires of 265/70/16... 30mm diff speaks for itself.

    Speed... major drop also. Cant get past 120kph. Must be the wind resistance of the wider tires.

    Tagtag? Not really. This is the biggest surprise for me. I thought dropping aspect ratios from 70serie to 45s would be a major pain... it's not at all really. of course driving on blings would make you cautious of the road surface so medyo ingat talaga. But promise, okay lang hehehe.

    But at the end of the day, who really cares right? Driving on 20's is a whole different experience altogether. And saying that it looks cool is an understatement!!!

    Let the pics speak for themselves. I'll take better ones once the sun is up.... damn rain. The wheels look small in the pics but I assure you, they look bad *$$ in real flesh!!!


20" mags