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    type ko din yun ganyan jeep yun medyo loward taz diesel engine para tipid ok na pang service at pang harabas :-) san ba nakakabili nyan? magkano kaya yun ganyan ngayon?
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    sir, ganda ng pagkagawa dito jewels po ba may gawa nito? balak ko din kasi paupgrade yung owner namin eh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawo07 View Post
    Guys getting our old trusty OTJ back in fighting form. had it since we were kids. 1989 gawa. im planning to put hardtop and doors plus want to get it airconditioned. may mga alam po ba kayo na gumagawa ng ganito sa QC area? gawang Loris to eh. isa sa mga OTJ makers dati dito sa may aurora blvd. sadly wala na kasi natira dito sa aurora ngayon na OTJ manufacturers eh. nalalayuan kasi ako sa Cavite eh. thanks in advance guys.

    try mo sa gabs shop or sa hataw sa may zabarte area novaliches caloocan if they can make it possible
    *alembong, thanks man, meron ka ba complete address para mapuntahan ko. salamat ulit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridihil View Post
    Pag ganyan kasi, chassis and steering components problem yan. Kung nagwiwiggle at speed, ibig sabihin me kelangang palitan or may maluwag sa steering components mo. I would not know for certain kung anung particular part pero meron dun. Pwedeng maluluwag or paliting tie rods, pitman arm, steering gearbox. I-check lang at maaayos pa. Yung jeep namin, tumakbo ng 100, di naman nag-wiwiggle. Madami pa ngang kayang ibigay pero di naman kami kumakarera.

    Well I agree and disagree with this part of this post. Kasi:
    I've seen owner type jeeps built in Navotas and Malabon that are at par with how manufacturers makde their cars now. True, their parts are chopsuey but if anybody would dare to build a jeep using new parts from various sellers, kayang mag-engineer ng jeep na pwede mong ilaban sa mga cars ng kung anu-anong brands.

    - Pollutant? Not all. At least, ours. Kasi kahit surplus pa ang engines nito, we know na in Japan, they buy and give up their cars like they're changing television sets, parang clothes nga lang eh. Pag di na current model, dispose na. But these engines, if properly checked and maintained, could still be worthy and clean workhorses. We have old vehicles but that runs clean. Well, technically not as clean as new engines but they're definitely still road worthy. We have Mistubishi L300s that use the same old 4D56 diesel engines. The very same engine that was used in late 1980s Pajeros. but they are Euro 2 compliant. It's because these engines can still run cleanly given that it has perfectly working parts. Given the proper care and maintenance, it can put up decent emissions figures comparable to newer engines.

    - Underchassis parts are chopsuey? Partly true bot not absolutely. There are jeep makers that use parts from the same vehicle. From the leaf spring to the chassis, to bushings, to suspension mounts, name it. It'll only cost you more but definitely, not all jeeps are chopsuey.

    - Finally, " the reason is the local jeepney manufacture has no technical knowledge in automotive." This I can't agree with. if indeed these people don't have technical knowledge in automotive (or better yet, automobiles), how can they make different car parts work together in one vehicle? How can they produce these vehicles from nothing? How were they able to convert steering sytems, drivetrains and other important parts in a car? I think this shows Pinoys' ingenuity of making use of materials that people from other countries would consider trash.

    And about the clone thingy? Look at Hyundai. They started producing clones of Mitsubishi cars like the Lancer (elantra), L300 van (Grace) and others. Kia licensed Ford Fiestas to make Kia Prides and Mazda E2000s to make the Kia Besta. Look at Proton of Malaysia, that licensed Lancers to build the Wira in the 90's. Look at where they are right now? They are successful carmakers in their own right. Hyundai and Kia is even one of the top brands in quality surveys globally. And Chevrolet's Aveo and Captiva? They are designs from Daewoo. (a Korean company bought by GM)

    The only problem with the jeep is that, nobody from the government bothered to help assemblers in keeping the development of these vehicles working. We've already proved that we can be good designers of vehicles. Remember the Toyota Tamaraw? The Delta-built ones? It was the same platform that Toyota have copied in resurrecting the Tamaraw in Indonesia. And up to now, many Asean countries still use that platfrom of ours. That even led to the birth of the Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV).

    The jeepney is something that we can all be proud of as Pinoys. It's all about a matter of realizing it's worth.

    Nobody did because almost all have their versions of the Jeep. The US has GM's Jeep label, Korea makes Jeep clones with Ssangyong Rocstas. So why bother to get Filipinos make one for them right?

    My dream is to build a jeepney with a front wheel drive lay-out. One with a brand new Common-rail diesel engine. One with all new suspension parts. Kaya naman eh. We can all get there. Ang kelangan ng Pinoy jeepneys, suporta. And bright minds that will further it's evolution.

    Hats off ako sa nag-start ng thread na ito. Galing mo dude! Keep this thread running.

    I've also read somewhere that a person is looking for an automatic owner type jeep.Well,
    eron pong automatic na Jeep.

    Here's one example...
    This jeep is an airconditioned jeep. Eto yung specs and features na we would find in branded vehicles:
    - 2.0L Mazda RF Diesel Turbo
    - 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive (functioning)
    - Power windows
    - Power door locks (central locking)
    - Cobra Alarm
    - Pioneer iPod-ready dvd head unit (display na lang kulang)
    - Rear wiper
    - 4 wheel semi-elliptical leaf spring
    - Front disk brakes
    - Windshield washers among others

    Eto, kami lang gumawa (some makers sa Navotas) and it's our project vehicle. Pang balagbagan talaga. It's not as comfortable kagaya ng kotse na galing casa pero proudly Pinoy talaga. Ask around sa Navotas. Madami pang mas magandang gumawa na builders (jewels) Pwede ka pang magpa personalize (choose the engine, suspension type, power features). A stainless aircon jeep would cost around 300-400k. Mahal but pag natapos, worth it. :-) Iyong-iyo talaga. Orig...

    Here are pics of it..

    guys hope to get in touch with the maker/builder of this jeep want to get a quote for reviving our trusty old OTJ. salamat ng marami. I know gawang Navotas any idea on what shop? and san sa navotas ung mga pagawaan dun ng owner? Thanks again.

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    pwede ba yun ganito sa manila?

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    Quote Originally Posted by True Faith View Post

    From Imus, Cavite (assembler near Robinson's Imus)

    mga bros or anyone who have the contact number of dealers selling this kind of jeep, preferably fitted w/ mazda diesel engine...inquire lang ako how much is the bare unit w/o all those neon stickers or excessive lights kahit galvanized body lang sana basta long & wide body...very much interested sana...

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    Quote Originally Posted by timrev View Post

    pwede ba yun ganito sa manila?

    Yes sir pwedeng pwede sa manila basta may rehistro at complete accessories like headlight,signal ligth,stoplight at seatbelt.
    Naalala ko ng nk otj ako pumunta ako sa greenhills sa virra mall habang nasa pila ako papasok ng parking may lumapit na foreigner sabi nila nice ride...tapos sinilip nila sound setup ko sa likod.natuwa lng ako napa elib ang mga kano...

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    Guys wala pa din ako makita gumagawa ng owner. gusto gusto ko na palagyan ng pinto, steel top, and aircon ang lumang jeep namin. I realized na mas madali gamitin and less ang problema sa maintenance ang owner eh.

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    Sir jawo07,meron ako suggest kung san ka magpapagawa ng gusto mo...Try mo mag inquire sa mga nag aasemble ng mga passenger jeep malamang kayang kaya nila yan gusto mo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hijodputa View Post
    Sir jawo07,meron ako suggest kung san ka magpapagawa ng gusto mo...Try mo mag inquire sa mga nag aasemble ng mga passenger jeep malamang kayang kaya nila yan gusto mo.
    Sir, natatakot kasi ako na baka di nila magaya ung gusto ko. then gusto ko din makita muna ung mga gawa nila. dapat kasi papagawa ko na sa navotas although sabi ng barkada ko medyo not operational daw ung mga pagawaan sa navotas ngayon kasi lagi baha. meron na ako napagtanungnan na gumagawa ng passenger type na jeep 65K singil nya sa akin pinto then hard top. pero di ko pa pinapagawa. canvas muna sa iba.

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