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    News Feature: Ilonggo inventors design may revolutionize trikes side car

    Tuesday 10th of September 2013

    ILOILO CITY, Sept. 10 (LAF) - - An innovation of an Ilonggo inventor may revolutionize the design of the sidecar of tricycles in the country.
    The innovative design of thirty-two year old Elmer Vincent Abella of Arevalo, Iloilo City was adjudged regional winner in the Industrial Design category of the 2013 Regional Invention Contest and Exbihits (RICE) in Western Visayas.

    A side car attached to a motorcycle forms a tricycle, a popular means of transportation in the Philippines.

    Abella’s side car, an attraction during the three-day event held at Robinson’s Place in Iloilo City, was made of mixed and composite materials and automotive finishings to mimic the sleek and elegant look even of the latest automobile design. Some of the materials used are chopped matt fiberglass, resins, woven rovings, galvanized steels and others.

    The sidecar is molded to accomodate comfortably four passengers and is lighter and economical as weight was reduced by 50%, and blends all in one with the motorcycle. It has also standards and engineering parameters to ensure safety and road worthiness.

    Abella said it was his dream to revolutionize the design of the tricycle’s side car as designs for motorcycles, automobiles and even houses keep on innovating but not on tricycles, it was neglected.

    "I came to a point of designing a sidecar for tricycle to match with motorcycles, not only for the comfort of the passengers but also how to make it more profitable and convenient on the part of the owner and driver as their means of livelihood,” said Abella who is an Aviation Electronics technician by profession.

    Abella has already sold a number of units at P35,000 financed out of his personal and family funds.

    However, with his recognition from RICE, Abella is confident that he will have the opportunity to gain access to the developmental and technical assistance programs of the government through the Department of Science and Technology such as for commercialization, marketing and production of his products.

    Abella only knew of the invention contest when he was informed by the patent office about it after he applied for a patent for the commercialization of his product. He first joined the RICE in 2011 with the same entry in the Creative Research Open Category and came in second among the more than 70 entries.

    With his patent released, he decided to join the Industrial Design Category of this year’s invention contest wherein one of the requirement is that entries must have patents and industrial registrations.

    "Before I didn’t know where to go, I thought there was no agency who nurtures inventors but this time, through this activity, I am hoping more investors will be assisted and ideas will be translated into more sophisticated products which could help our country move forward,” said Abella.
    As regional winner, Abella received P20,000 cash prize, certificate of recognition, trophy and a chance to showcase and compete his design in
    the national level as representative of the region in the National Invention Contest and Exhibits next year. (JCM/LAF/PIA6)
    source: See more at: PIA | News Feature: Ilonggo inventors design may revolutionize trikes side car

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    maganda sana kung may picture para makita kung gaano ka revolutionary ang design nya.

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    kahit gaano ka-revolutionary pa yan tricycle parin yan

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    DOST Region 6 Website

    Thursday, 12 September 2013 13:43

    2013 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE) Winners

    Industrial Category Winner

    Entry: (Industrial Category) Side Car Body for Tricycle
    Inventor: Elmer Vincent Abella
    Award: Regional Winner

    The disadvantages of the tricycle remain.

    1) Driver and the passenger sitting behind on the motorcycle has no protection from side impact.
    2) Driver and the passenger sitting behind on the motorcycle will get wet when it rains.
    3) Vehicle dynamics is affected by the asymmetric layout of tricycle wheels (two on the left, one on the right). The driver has to make steering corrections to counteract the drag created by the sidecar.

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    That is NOT even an INVENTION. The judges clearly do not know what they were doing.

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    nag fabricate siya ng A-Toy kind of sidecar

    what exactly did he invent?

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    sarap batukan eh.. akala ko naman kung gaano ka revolutionalize yang ginawa nya eh tricycle pa din eh...

    kung ako mag dedesign ng tricycle, gagawin ko yung parang zundapp, sa front ang sakay

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    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    That is NOT even an INVENTION. The judges clearly do not know what they were doing.
    They should've checked their dictionaries first.

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    Kung nilagyan sana ng brakes ang 3rd wheel with EBD mas revolutionary yan.

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    i see what he did there. ford gt40 blue and stripes. aerodynamic front = rear drag

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