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    Oct 2002
    mas maporma talaga para sakin lowered suv with 24s... kaya lang... mahal eh.. mahal mags mahal lowering stuff.. and ang masakit dyan.. paparusahan mo suspension ng suv mo.. hehe.. but if para sayo.. its just another one of your toy cars edi go.. hehe

    but depende din sa suv eh.. pogi yan sa mga american SUVs eh.. but kung japs like pajero patrol trooper prado lc standard height on 20s or 22s ok na
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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP
    Nilift ko na nga, eh. Bakit ko pa ilolower? hehehe.
    amen ako dyan

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    Sep 2002
    it would be easier to decide if you knew why you got a suv, and why you want to lower it.

    i wouldn't recommend it.
    kahit anong lower mo, di pa rin magiging sports car yan.

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    Oct 2002
    nevah too.

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    Jun 2005
    To me, I say "NO" I wouldn't do that to my SUV. That would be "ricey". But if it suits your taste, then by all means do it! Kanya-kanyang preference naman yan e.

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    Sep 2005
    Depends on the SUV, your budget and most importantly your preference. If I was filthy rich, why not. IMHO, that's plain silly to do. Defeats the purpose of having an SUV as earlier mentioned by our fellow tsikoteers. Take note that the road condition in the Philippines is POOR, almost off-road like in some areas (that is if you are living here in the Philippines). But then, it's up to you. Kanya-kanyang preference lang yan.

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    Jun 2005
    if its either a CrV, rav4 or xtrail, yes i would lower it

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    Oct 2002
    one of the members of pajero clan in mymitsuph cut his springs and put in 20in lensos sa pajero nya, it looks really good but im an offroader so the higher the better.

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would you install lowering springs in your SUV