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    Oct 2002
    white smoke out of my tambutso. Kaka change oil ko lang po last month, the car only reached less than 150 km after that.
    Hindi po kaya pangit yung nilagay na engine oil(Ultron touring)
    Some says that i need to change spark plug already.
    How bout bad fuel, i mix premium and unleaded depending on the budget.

    my ride nga pala, 96 galant v6

    thanks tsikoteers

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    Mar 2004
    di kaya blow by engine mo? try mo din sa oil. pero yung fule naman walang effect kung palit ka ng unleaded to premium eh. pa check mo na lang sa tlgang mechanic.

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    Oct 2002
    BLOW BY!!!! Dyos ko po, wag naman sana

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    Oct 2002
    blown head gasket/cracked head??? coolant in the exhaust system??? these are some reasons.

    White smoke in the exhaust when first starting a cold engine is normal condensation turning into steam. However, it is possible that coolant is getting into the combustion chamber.

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    Jun 2004
    My galant GTI may white smoke din at cold start pero normal lang yon , pag mainit na no more smoke na. Matakot ka if maasul na ang smoke at di nawawala, kumkain na ng langis ang makina, engine overhaul na kailangan non. Kung maitim naman pa cleaning lang ng carburator o fuel injection

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    Jan 2003
    Some causes

    - worn piston rings
    - worn valve seals
    - cylinder head gasket

white smoke