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    Nov 2003
    tanong lang po...

    mga magkano po kaya papalit ng piston ring?
    japanese sedan...


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    Nov 2003
    labor for overhauling. pero that's nor all you change... madami pa gaskets kasama dyan.

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    Oct 2002
    how do you intend to have it done? the normal way- remove engine from car, drop oil pan and remove cylinder head? or "dukot" system - just simply drop the oil pan and remove connecting rod and pistons from the bottom, then install back the same way?

    if it is the 1st, then you will have to buy a cylinder head gasket and oil pan gasket, or better a complete overhauling gasket kit in addition to the rings and connecting rod bearings.

    if by "dukot" then you only have to buy the oil pan gasket and the piston rings and connecting rod bearings. pag "dukot" di ka abutin ng P4k for rings, conn rod bearings and gasket, + labor cost, BUT not many mechanics want to do it this way since they need to work under the car. and it takes a lot of patience installing piston rings from the bottom of the cylinder. last time i did this was on a detroit diesel-allison GMV71-12 cylinder, sakit ng leeg ko :D
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    Nov 2003
    salamat po sa paliwanag...

    i intend to have it done the normal way.
    if the parts will take more or less 4K, at mas mahirap ang labor, siguro safe to assume around 8K?


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    Nov 2002
    pag naibaba mo na engine mo, you might also have to check the condition of the clutch, it might need replacement na, the head might also need a valve job. also since na you tore the engine apart the main and conrod bearings pa change mo na, so as the piston pin bushings, its a different story once the engine is apart na, some mechanics will say na "sir piston ring lang yan" but when its apart na they will say "sir kailangan pala palitan to" ano pa magawa mo hindi naman siguro tama na ipakabit mo uli ang mga lumang damaged parts.

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    Nov 2003
    8k might not get you a lot.

    better question though would be why do you want to replace the rings in the first place.

    dukot is kinda the easy way out... this way kasi you don't really get to check on the condition of the rest of the engine.

    not the best way to do things.

piston ring..