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    Apr 2005
    the good things nothing serious happened to you and your partners,

    medyo ingat lang pagmamaneho sa costal road, asphalt finish kaya madulas pag umulan.

    take care.:drive1:

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    Oct 2002
    True Winter tire ba ang gulong mo or M+S?

    Winter tires will not work in warm weather, it will get damaged. So when you are in the rain, you are running on damaged tires.

    Grab a copy of Car and Driver's December 2006 issue. I just got mine. They compared the Goodyear Eagle family of Summer, All Weather, and Winter tires. Sa snow lang talaga gumagana ang winter tire. It had the worst braking and worst acceleration times when not on snow.

    Sa auction talagang snow tires ang kinakabit nila. Yung mga A/T tires, binebenta nila separately.
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    masmahal ang a/t kaysa sa snow tires na yun...kaya sold separately.

    so all-season and all-weater are the same..

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    Oct 2002
    All season and all weather tires are essentially the same. These are descriptions used for road tires.

    Iba ang A/T, M/T designation ng off-road tires. But there are also snow tires for SUVs.

    M+S is an old designation. Even the crappiest of crappy tires can get an M+S designation (the tests are so easy to pass).
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    Jul 2006
    so pag auctioned cars pala ang usual tires na nakakabit ay snow tires? ingat pala dapat yun bumibili nito..

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    Oct 2002
    Yep. Malaki naman ang sulat sa sidewall. Indicated naman na snow tire.

    Yun nga lang, ewan ko kung binabasa ng mga bumibili. Or kung mabasa man nila, if they know what the consequences of using snow tires on warm weather are.
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    Jun 2006
    obviously, GS didn't know since he drove 80kph with it in the rain.

    He must have been thinking, wow Snow tyres! Cool! hehehe.

    joke lang GS. hehehe Glad to know no one got hurt or worse, died.

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    kasi tambak ang snow-tires lalo na sa galing japan.

    nagiging brittle nga pala ang snow tires sa hot weather. turo sa akin yan noon,e.lesson: wag manghinayan sa makapal pang snow tires: good as spare nalng kung nanghihinayang ka..or trade mo nalang.

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    Jul 2006
    hindi nagbebenta ng snow tires tropical tayo eh hehehe
    buti na lang walang masama nangyari sa inyo sir.
    at mukhang ok kausap yung exalta kasi parang walang
    matinding comfrontation na nangyari

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by gearspeed View Post
    I went out with my friends yesterday.It was raining at costal rd and my speed was around 80km/h.I overtake a car I turned right then [SIZE="5"]I turned left.Then to my suprise my steering wheel turned right as if their is a magnet.[/SIZE]I was already braking but not slamming the breaks.I hit a nissan exalta while my friends were screaming but I continued to turn the steering wheel on the left side and it went on the left side and then I hit the gutter of a bridge.Then it stop. I apologized to the nissan exalta and I gave my address and tel no..I suggested to body repair the damage at Julie's Motorshop.The damage reached 5k.My ek has scratches on the front skirt and passenger side and rear fender.
    The tires I was using were all 4 snow tires.
    What's wrong with your steering wheel?

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My Accident at Costal rd.