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    Oct 2002

    IMO don't touch the air won't do you any good....I believe this is some sort of a breather for the fuel inside the carb reservoir and does not affect the air/fuel ratio.

    The air in the a/f ratio comes through the carb opening (yung meron venturi) and filtered by the air filter. The screw I mentioned, will then control the fuel flow.

    Put it this way the volume of air that passes thru will be more or less constant at idling and thus twisting the fuel screw at the right level will give it the right a/f for good idling combustion and fuel economy.

    BUT when you are racing or reving the engine...its a different story...the "constant" air that passes thru the venturi will now increase because of the added "accelarating" or increasing air pull (from the inside of the engine)....if the amount of air that gets into increases then the original right a/f mixture at idling becomes LEAN (kulang ang fuel vs air)... so mahihirapan ang vechicle to cope up (does loosing power). As such, oldschool racers will tweek their fuel screw towards a RICH setting at idling (matakaw sa fuel) so that when they are in the high rev, there would be a proper a/f ratio going into the vechicle and thus give the right power.

    Again...don't touch the air screw at all.....IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX....

    just my 2 cents. Peace

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    Feb 2003
    up ko lang.

    saan ok magpalinis ng carb? pati mga gaskets and other carb thingy ipa-condition...

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    Jan 2010
    Im looking for a Nissan Sunny Carburetor- novice po here.. baka my marecommend kayo where to buy it.. yung authentic nissan parts naman sana.. old type pick up kasi yung samin

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