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    Feb 2004
    Guys, everyone is welcome to join us.....we are going in convoy with car club buddies from BMW (2-3 families lang)....

    Day 1. Manila > Pagudpud (overnight at Pagudpud Panzian Resort P1,700 or Terra Riki)
    Take off 5 AM (meet at 4:30) from Manila to arrive in Pagudpud (580 kms) by lunchtime. Rest stops every 3 hours for 8 AM breakfast and 11AM coffee break. En route stop at Pasuquin to observe salt harvesting, then a short stop at Bangui View Deck for a panoramic view of the South China Sea and the nearby coastal towns.
    Check in at resort hotel and spend the rest of the first day there. Dont forget to bring your snorkeling gear.

    Day 2. Pagudpud > Blue Lagoon > Laoag (overnight at Laoag, Palazzo de Laoag P1,980 family suite)
    After breakfast, try Blue Lagoon, 50 kms north of Pagudpod. That beach is at the tipmost of the Philippines. Be prepared for the strong waves. By lunch time, drive back to Pagudpud and spend the rest of the day there. Pagudpud's other attractions include Agua Grande,Patapat Viaduct, Magogabog Falls, Timangtang Rock, Bantay Abot Caves and Los Hermanos Island. Another best kept secret of pagudpud is the Mayra-ira Beach Cove, about 10kms farther east of saud beach easily accessible by land. no resorts yet though. bring all your provisions. camping recommended.

    Day 3. Laoag > Vigan (overnight at Villa Angela Pension P1,600)
    Breakfast at hotel. Drive around Laoag visiting St. Williams Cathedral and its sinking Bell Tower, the city market, Malacañang of the North, Paoay Sports Complex, Paoay Church, and the Marcos Museum. Bojeador Farola lighthouse, Danish Windmills
    Drive to Vigan visiting the heritage village of Old Spanish colonial houses and antique shops. Learn about the great men of Vigan by visiting the Burgos, Crisologo, and Juan Luna Museum. Stop at the burnay making area and at St. Paul's Cathedral.
    Check in for the night at Vigan Villa Angela Heritage Hotel.

    Day 4. Vigan > Manila
    After breakfast continue to explore Vigan and leave for Manila anytime before lunch.

    travel tip: for the adventurous on the return trip, drive back via Cagayan Valley (13 hrs). this way, a complete loop of Northern Luzon is a real tour experience. the 13 hr return trip could be split to 7 and 6 (plus 1 1/2 hrs for the way up from the highway junction) by making a stopover at Banawe.

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    Oct 2002
    Your itinerary is bringing back memories of the north trip i've gone to last summer.
    Mas complete nga lang yung itinerary nyo.. right Afrasay, Ungas, Frt??

    To those who have the time, this is a good trip.

    If you're going to Cagayan, you can visit Callao Caves in Penablanca.

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    Feb 2004
    Thanks for the tip, maybe we will. We have a long planned and put off this trip because of the long drive. Hopefully it will be an easy painless drive.

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    Sep 2003

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    Jan 2004
    damn eric, that trip sounds like fun sayang have plans na eh

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    Oct 2002

    miss ko nang mag-drive.....

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    Oct 2002
    hay i miss my hometown pasuquin and the neghboring towns and laoag city. enjoy ur trip bros!!! ikumusta na lang ninyo ako sa South China Sea.

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    Mar 2003
    sarap sana sumama...kaya lang di ko na kayang mag-drive ng ganun kalayo. malabo na rin mata ko sa gabi..delikado. medyo mababa pa yung ride.di ko rin maihataw lalo na kung di ko kabisado yung lugar (roads).di bale kung sa Edsa lang..LOL..kabisado ko yung mga potholes..hehehe

    Eric, pagbalik ninyo post some pics. enjoy kayo & ingats.

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    Mar 2005
    yeah me too, would love to come sana kaso got stuff to do on the weekend. Safe driving and have fun, pakita nalang pictures sa next EB.

    Eric are you taking your 5 or the mini? Both sounds fun to drive on a trip like that though hehe

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    Feb 2004
    1,250 kms later......

    We finally made it back...with no hitches, the 5 series behaving extremely well.

    Day 1 - left Manila at 4 AM and got to Vigan after 6 hours. Vigan was a wonder, had a coffee break and a calesa tour where we went back in time thru the heritage village. Left at 12 and reached Laoag at 1 PM. Did a short walking tour of the Sinking Bell Tower, Tobacco Monopoly Monument, Ilocos Norte Capitol then onwards to Pagudpud. Got here at 3 PM. Altogether driving time was 8 hours. Gas loaded so far P4000 with 3/4 tankful left. Stayed two nights at Polaris Beach Resort at Saud.

    Day 2 - went around Pagudpud spots, fantastic driving routes to Patapat Viaduct, Agua Grande (place where fresh water meets the sea), further on to the northern most tip of the Philippines. Back to Blue Lagoon at Maira-ira beach where you can exercise ASC, nothing a Bimmer could not handle. Most of the road is concrete with patches of still to be cemented roads - but the destination is fabulous.

    Day 3 - went snorkeling at Saud beach actually our beachfront, finally had our lobster lunch before leaving Pagudpud at 11 AM. Parked by the sideroad to take pictures of the Danish windmills in Bangui. Stopped by the Bodjeador Lighthouse in Burgos for the most spectacular view of the mountains and the sea. Dropped by a beach resort in Cabugao for drinks and then onwards to Vigan to buy some banget, Vigan longganisa, Ilocos empanada, bibingka and some souvenirs. A 15 min stopped at Candon for their famous kalamay. Reached Rosario junction 3 hours later for coffee. Onwards to Manila for another 3 hours.

    Total gas spent P6800. There were 4 adults and a kid and total expenses is P1000 per person per day inclusive of gas, accommodation, food and entrances to the sights.

    The roads are mostly good, those after Pagudpud felt like a race track. Was able to put to use Kookie's high performance driving technics to good use.

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