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    Nov 2002
    prez why?

    change to a land cruiser?

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    Apr 2004
    yes... why?? please share feedback regarding your experience with it and why did you decide to sell? for the benefit of others aswell

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    Jul 2004
    the patrol was great. my only complaint was the gas consumption. it was running only at about 5km per liter, unleaded and 100% city driving (i.e. metro manila). however, i did take it to baguio one time, filled it up in makati, went to baguio and stayed overnight then went back down to makati and only needed to gas up when i got to paniqui, tarlac. it ran at about 8km to 9km per liter at that time

    i just saw the opportunity to sell it back in february 2004 and i did. this was way before gas prices went ridiculously up so you could say that the timing of the sale was great

    but dont get me wrong. it was a great vehicle. solid, runs great, almost no rattles and i enjoyed driving it as much as i enjoyed driving my gen 2 paj

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    Apr 2004
    5km city ad 9 on hiway? not bad! My, gas fed carburated pajero is worse... 4 in the city, 6-7 on hiways....

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    May 2005
    I was just wondering is the local TD42 12volts or 24volts?sorry ot..

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    Mar 2006

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patrol flat roof -- need advise