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    Jul 2004
    wildthing -- thanks a lot for our advise. it very helpful. HOO-YAH!

    but, a, e, i, o, u anong ibig sabihin ng PM :confused: sorry ha baguhan pa ako ang i am still learning all these shortcuts, etc. i would like to get in touch with jappy and talk to him about this

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    Oct 2002
    pm: private message po iyon....

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    Oct 2002
    scroll mo yung Forum Jump (below) to "Private Messages"...I've sent Jappy's cell number duon.

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    Jul 2004
    wildthing -- maraming salamat! :D :D :D :D :D

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    Jan 2004
    ey chief,

    just thinking out loud the next couple of months or a year maybe, i see that the difference in prices between diesel ang gas won't be that big of a difference. Anyways, if im not mistaken that rig currently have 80Liters of fuel capacity and you can always have an option of slapping 30-50 liters of additional gas compartments, and even an extra 5 gallon jerry can if your worried about your guage going on empy during long trip...

    honestly, I'd go for a gas engine if i had money to spare...environmentally friendly compared to diesel engines, more parts ( i think), greater acceleration and top speed, of the bat, you could probably run 180kms/hour with no sweat.

    the best thing is,you can always slap a diesel engine and could probably do a snap on without changing anything since they "might" have the same gearing and drive ratios.

    this would probably be your call...but the flat roof patrol is one bad ass mother! If there's only something cheaper out there, i won't have second thoughts getting one...

    just my two cents



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    Jun 2004
    i can across a guy with a gas patrol in bacolod and he said that he was consuming 4km to a liter of gas. 5-6km on the highway. if you can afford that kind of milage. go for it. so if you plan to go to say nasubu from manila (100). and gas is at P25. u'll be spending around P2,000 round trip for gas. ok sayo yan???

    converting it to diesel from gas will just be a head ache. cuz there are other components that the stock diesel has that the gas does not. especially in the electricals. it would be easy if you were replacing your old diesel engine. but in your case its converting it.

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    Jun 2004
    well if i wer u 500k dagdagan mo na lng ng konti may local safari kana bubble top mag tiyaga ka lang maghanap, dami dyan, mine nakuha ko ng 750k 98 mdl. 49t km only slightly use sariwang-sariwa in/out, Executive Series pa at naka sound set-up, wood panel pa, Perelli Scorpion tires pa. mataas ng konti ang pesyo, pero brand new condition naman kaya di ko na pinakawalan, besiedes Php1.6+M yan noon so sino mag aakala na nabili ko lang ng mura. Kaya mas hinihimas ko pa kaysa k misis. hehehe jok. Barakong-barako dating ko d2.

    sSo ki=ung 500k plus 100K tapos dami ka pang iitindin sa swp engine, tapos swertehan pa sa pagkuha ng surplus engine, eh di mag local ka na bro, may pagawa ka man, ung mga parts na lang na dapat palitan.

    Besides matic yan bro, kung ako never ako buy na second hand na matic kahit anong car, lalo na kung di owner driven, brand new pwede pa.

    well kung ako lang naman,

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    Oct 2002
    nahukay to a :D

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    Sep 2005
    why dont you consider a trooper v6 matic.

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    Jul 2004
    wow, talk about "hukay"

    talagang nahukay ito

    i got the patrol, used it and sold it already


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patrol flat roof -- need advise