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    Jun 2004
    i used to have a 1999 nissan sentra fe before, i sold it for 245K, i used it for 2 years. never nya ako binigyan ng problema, matipid sa gas, nice comfort, medyo mabagal lang nga kasi 1.3 kaya ko sya pinalitan. But i replaced it also with a nissan exalta sta. mas maganda at mas mabilis, kasi 1.6 at automatic na.

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    Nov 2005
    1300cc kinda under powered considering the weight of the car + passengers...but if you're after looks & not speed, this is a good choice considering it has ample space inside compared to other cars in its class, parts availability & cost is OK....

    check the mileage also & service history (if possible) baka na overhaul na yung engine or had some major repairs for the M/T, as well as te underchassis, medyo kalampagin kasi ang nissan

    240K is not reasonble! Nissan's resale value sucks! 200K is OK, exag. yung seller nyan!....

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Nisssan Sentra FE 2000, is it a good car?