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    Apr 2004
    hey, everyone...
    my last post was feb, 2009, and what a thread... umabot din ng 12, after almost 6yrs using the orig spec tire, have to replace it na, i am just wondering if someone had a chance of changing also the shock and spring... what can you recommend po? i like this car, maybe aabot pa sa anak ko pagcollege na siya, thank in advance sa info and your suggestion is greatly appreciated, God bless all!


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    Sep 2006
    Hello good day, we sold our GS last August (trade in sa nissan shaw). ok naman actually kaya lang nabaha kaya we opted to get a brand new nissan GX automatic. so to all Nissan GS buyer avoid may car XTH 774. flooded sya lubog hanggang bubong.

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    Apr 2004
    selegna 35,

    grabe ah...

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    Sep 2006
    any gs owners willing to trade their mags+tires for a rota fighter+tires (volk ce-28 copy)? dagdag lang sila cash.....

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    Mar 2010
    Hi Guys,

    Ask for help

    I have a Grandeur 2002 AT. I need to find a replacement for the CRANKSHAFT PULLEY for the QG16 engine. Does anyone know where I can get one?

    I tried several shops in banawe but they only have the replacement part for the Sentra STA model. Iba kse yun size eh.


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    Mar 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by SELEGNA_35 View Post
    what is the color of your sentra? mine is black. is your sentra in full skirts already? thanks.
    I am new here. I have also a black sentra gs.. ok ang ride, comfy.. but bitin nga sa speed..

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    May 2012
    Hi. I got a 2nd hand 2007 GS last January. This is really a heavy car. But coming from a Cefiro and an Exalta, sanay nako sa bigat ng kaha ng nissan. Sa pintuan pa lang, ramdam mo na ang bigat. Pero ang good side is the comfortable ride.

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    Mar 2004
    This for a 2002 A/T model:

    Speedometer started working erratically then stopped completely. It stopped at the "20 KPH" mark.
    Odometer is still functioning.

    Any inputs?


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    Sep 2013
    Hi tsikoters...newbie ako to this forum..need your advice on what to look and check in particular fort his model..

    im planning to purchase a second hand nissan sentra GS ko mga 06 to 07 model..mga around 40,000 to 80,000 mms odo reading..

    i like this car kasi

    a. the price is reasonable..and the features...nice kit for the price
    b. i've always liked this particular brand of sentra
    c. not too flashy or boy racer...but looks quite comfy...

    I see ads selling it for 245000 for a 2007 model ( 80,000 to 100,000 km ) ...the low mileage ones with older year model are going around 300,000 - 345,000..
    are these reasonable prices ? is the 2007 model suspicious ba for its age ? Also whats to look out for ? i'm not good with checking cars so i plan to bring a mechanic with alternative is the lancer GT 2007 model but i hear its malakas sa gas...

    thanks in advance for your kind advice...

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    Jan 2006
    *THPH37 - Check out the cars personally and drive them. The N16 Sentra has good insulation so if you hear something (inside while driving) that's not normal, then make sure to check them out. If you hear squeking or "lagatok" sound from the front, the front suspension bushings and stablizer links need to be replaced. If the car bottoms out a lot in bumps or potholes, check the shock absorbers for leaks. The N16 GS uses an auto climate control aircon system so the control unit (buttons and LED display) must be working properly or you may have a hard time setting the temperature right. Also, ask the seller what fuel he uses for the car. The QG16 engine of the N16 needs 95RON fuel thus using lower rated fuel will cause engine knocking (katok).

    Most Sentra GS within 2006-2008 are priced around 300k nowadays. It's just a matter of negotiating properly with the seller to come up with a reasonable price between the two of you.

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