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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    i do. to replace the businas and the bulbs. it's no big deal. it's above the basic level, in the less-than-advanced DIY level, if i might opine.
    i just do not have the experience to share, regarding the urvan. i never urvaned kasi.
    E di ikaw na Nissan NV350 Urvan

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    Apr 2011
    planning to buy a 2nd hand nissan urvan 2016 NV350.

    need some inputs mga katsikot.

    fuel consumption?
    any issues?


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    May 2006
    Ilan payload capacity ng NV350 Cargo?

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    May 2007
    For those has/had owned the Urvan Premium, is this still classified under Class-1 in our Toll highways?

    Based on my research, it is The Urvan Premium is exactly 7.5feet (228.6cm) in height and it just so happens to be the the border between Class-1 and Class-2 vehicle.

    Meanwhile the Toyota GL Grand Tourer is just a hair under 7.5ft (228cm) which, unarguably makes it Class-1 vehicle for toll roads.


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