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    Sep 2002
    that may be a bit thirsty. i get about 6 km/l with a lot of a/c on in idle.
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    Oct 2002
    8-9 km/l city 12 highway, pag hindi naka convoy with ungas :D

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    Jan 2004
    akala ko pa naman mas matipid ang turbocharged... lumalabas na mas matakaw sa fuel ang ZD30 kumpara sa TD42, despite of mas mataas ang total engine displacement at no of cylinders ng TD42...

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    Sep 2004
    i have no problem with my patrol safari. sulit sya. 8-9k/ltr batangas to manila. more or less, 550 pesos lang back and forth na.

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    Nov 2002

    Can someone post how much kms the Nissan Patrol covers per Liter of diesel? Yung body na katulad nung 2003 model, 3.0, A/T, 4x2.


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    Jul 2006
    peeps, ask ko lang kung malakas ba sa gaso ung Nissan Maxima 2.0 SGX. Newb pa kac ako about cars...thanks to all!

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    Jul 2006
    Peeps, i just want to ask kung malakas ba sa gas ung Nissan Maxima 2.0...

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    visit my car mo ung "my 4wd 2cte liteace" sa sig ko..linked din ung maxima ko dyan.

    i am a 17-year old owner of a nissan auster/maxima.

    for 17 years, it clocked only 120,000 kms..and now i use it on coding ang speedy occations/travel is required.

    my car is 80% maintained, with 100% focus on drivetrain and the prob is just recently broken the speedo guage, and front upper suspension bushing...dalhin ko kaya kay zee?

    city: can average 4-6km/L. highway: 8-10km/L my record so far is 11km/L

    can still do its max. speed of 160kph. jdm "auster" front grill and rear garnish, cost me 3 months to wait. and most of the parts are indent order from the factory.

    still, a good car, freezing aircon even on summer high noon...and honestly, cant find something else to replace it maxima to me has a big "emotional" value-->ilang beses nya ako binuhay noong binata pa ako!

    the down talaga is the consumption, and its a big car, at par sa galants,coronas,etc...pero comparing it to modern efi engines, malayo talaga.. electro carb lang ito, ready to be changed to sr20de/sr18...and comparing it to galants,bulebird,cefiro, ung body parts(in and out) nito ay mahirap makakuha, indent order sa planta kung meron pa, or wait ka for monts sa surplasan, pero ang price di nalalayo sa bagong oem part..the solution is to own 2 maximas(1 for ur personal use, and the other will be katay-ed for parts, particularly, body parts.)

    basically, grill and rear garnish lang dagdag mo, naghahanap nga ako ng USDM "stanza" headlights, e wala..di mo na papalower, kasi the car itself is low.bigger 15 inch mags and 185/55(or 60)r15 is the max. fit. sunroof, meron din naglalagay ng surplus nalang ung ceiling...and masmaporma kung wala siyang trunk spoiler, me, i put kasi the dogs sleep on the rear, roof and front..kaya para sa front lang ako maglalagay ng patong..

    the long hood provides good pointing..unlike the shorter ones na halos di mo makita...parang naka-van ka...a cheap car, you can get now, mga 60 thou, palitan mo ng sr18/sr20 pwede na...and kahit ngayon, bibihira na ang matinong maxima

    overall, 17 year-old+ cars are prehistoric compared to now.

    if you want a cheap efficient car, sentra box-type diesel kunin mo...if the package is too bare, the sentra-box-type/california 1.6 sgx(carb-12valve engine) is a good choice too.

    ung newer sentra series 2 (supersaloon)/ bluebird will be a good choice, as long as its a/t in a hands of a novice pinoy for 17 years will give you more probs..

    wag ka padala sa hearsay na mahirap ang piyesa at pangit ang nissan..dahil mababaresale nila..nasa nagaalaga lang yan...kahit honda/toyota kung di marunong nagaalag, laspag din yun.

    pero dont expect sa fuel efficiency...hope this helps
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    may post an ako sa kabilang thread mo..ung malabo ang title...

    mods, pwede merge ung malabo ung title about maxima with this one? haba ng reply ko dun.....
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    Jul 2006
    thanks very much alwayz_yummy...It really helps a lot! Well, i dont have any plan to sell this car or buy a new one...

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