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    Aug 2006
    Todo na 'to

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    Aug 2003
    something tells me we're gonna get scr*wed over again; etong current 'sentra' dito sa atin is definitely not the USDM sentra

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    Nov 2006
    i like to reply to some points made:

    1. nissan has image perception problem

    totally agree. in fact, nissan has no image. honda is sossy, toyota is pangdaddy, mitsu is sporty and korean cars are cheapy. nissan is zilts.

    also, yung mga kantiyaw na tutubi ang nissan at pagong ang honda city, mostly, rival car dealers naman naguumpisa niyan. like yung toyota liteace naman na overheat daw lagi at mitsubishi na dekada dumadaan bago magpalit ng model.

    2. nissan is a durable car.

    agree also. i had a nissan ex 1.4l which had no problem for 10 years and could outrace most cars even 1.6l. i had driven a toyota cressida, mits lancer boxtype and honda vtec and my ex was the most fun to drive. and whats the deal with vtec? it doesnt consume less gas. nissan used to be datsun and it was known as a fast car.

    3. different supplier of parts.

    this is the first time i read about this, and if true, this may explain everything. also the fact that nissan taiwan is producing the cars probably leads to the perception of lower quality than the japanese cars.

    4. on the promo

    if i can sell or trade my crosswind, id like to buy a 1.3l.

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