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    Quote Originally Posted by pawpaw View Post
    Nagpa top overhaul ako then after nun naging ganun na.

    sabi na nga brad, may nagalaw during top overhaul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawpaw View Post
    Hi every one. Bali before na isolate ko na ung problem. it is the alarm. pag nagagalaw ung sasakyan. tumataas ung amp ng .06 nag palit na ako ng alarm which is nag normal na sya ng .02 amps. so ok na lahat.

    then after a month. na drain nanaman ung battery ko. nung sinukat ko naging .40 amps na sya so malaki ung drain ko. ganito kasi yan. pag sinusi ko sa on pero di start ang engine then susi ko sa off nag reregister sa multimeter ko .40 amp. ang ginawa ko reconnect ung battery sukat ko ulit balik sya .02 normal., then on ko ulit ung car without starting the engine balik ulit sya ng .40 amps pag off ko. gagawin ko bago ko sya ipark rereconnect ko ung battery which is hassle bubuksan ko hood tapos rereconnect ko ung battery. any idea kung anu ung nag dradrain na un/.?
    from your description, the perceived high parasitic drain might be your evaporative emission control air pump trying to pressurize your fuel supply system to detect any leak in the tank or the lines. this usually takes 20-30 seconds to run the air compressor. try waiting for about a minute and measure the parasitic current drain.

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Draining Battery When Park for 3 days