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    May 2014
    Radiator Fan recently konked out. Luckily, I was already outside the house before the car overheated.

    Was able to check coolant levels and found it between min and max. So the volume going up to max probably evaporated due to previous events where the radiator fan wasn't kicking in already.

    Had it done outside casa, same shop that does my family's aircon repair here. Replace Fan Motor, cost me around 4k and got it back already.

    Also bought Nissan Coolant for the Sylphy, 1 bottle from Nissan to refill the tank back to Max Level. 350php for 1 bottle.

    Can't blame the car for having the fan fail since I could barely use it daily, much less weekly due to COVID. Something was bound to break.

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    May 2014
    Just had the Sylphy serviced over the weekend. At 40k kms mileage, they performed a "50k PMS". It is 8 years old so I have no qualms and I did request it be a "heavy" PMS because it has been 3 years since they checked the car.

    - They didn't replace the spark plugs even after 3 years so that was a good thing for me at least that they didn't need replacing. They are Iridium Plugs required, even for the 1.6 NA Engine.
    - They saw the tachometer issue that I has been a recurring persistent issue whenever the car hasn't been used for 2 days or more. They said that have managed to "adjust" and "correct" the malfunctioning tachometer analog reading. Haven't used the car yet so I don't know, but I will see it if is working already next time without needing for a full car restart. The fix ended up resetting the digital readings of the car, except the odometer. Battery was also clearly unplugged as the radio lost all the saved stations.
    - I requested CVT reset, check MAF Sensor and checking if Throttle Body needs cleaning as I felt when in gear and full stop there is "some shudder"/idle seems to drop below minimum sometimes. After PMS, issue seems resolved from what I could see on my drive after pickup.

    - I may come back to have the car worked on again for FR Suspension replacement as I have delayed having it done for more than 3 years already. I already checked outside Casa and there are no OEM shock absorbers and/or shock mounts. And Nissan branded ones still are ordered through Nissan PH anyway, so might as well have it done in the Dealer Casa as the price I got wasn't too far off from what I got from Nissan. But I'll just defer it for 3 mos to 6 mos max.

    - Due to the suspension issue repair pending, alignment couldn't be done. So I most likely am suffering from "uneven" tire wear though it isn't prevalent yet on my Yokohama Bluearths. They have only 20k kms on them approx and I have them rotated every 10k kms at least. Still no apparent "drift" on any direction when traveling at 60-90kph so I think, if ever there is an alignment issue, it isn't as major.

2013 Nissan Sentra aka Sylphy