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    Oct 2002
    pwedeng i-convert yung flash movies sa site into video format for offline, stand-alone viewing:

    if you haven't downloaded the movies from the site yet (meaning hindi niyo pa napapanood lahat ng flash movies sa site), you can download them directly: (off-road performance movie, 4.12 MB) (on-road performance movie, 3.89 MB) (exterior design movie, 3.16 MB) (interior design movie, 2.84 MB)

    if you've watched the movies in the site already (nag-load na 100% lahat ng movies sa site), then you already have a copy of the flash file in your cache. to get them:

    1. search for the file "02.swf", "01bb.swf", "02bb.swf", "03bb.swf", or "04bb.swf". make sure that you include hidden folders. in the search results, you should see an internet explorer file. right click it and select "open containing folder". your temporary internet files folder should open in a new window.

    alternatively, you can open your temporary internet files folder directly. it's a hidden folder.

    2. now that you've opened the cache folder, search for the following files:


    copy them onto your desktop or some other directory

    3. now you need to convert the .swf files to a video format like .avi. to do this, download a freeware swf to avi converter, such as MagicSwf2Avi, which is downloadable from

    4. install the converter program, then convert each swf file to avi.

    if you're using MagicSwf2Avi, open options and select DivX 5.0.5 codec as your output. this results in an output file that's about 20 MB for the largest file. the default setting outputs an uncompressed video file... 01bb.swf becomes a 580 MB .avi file. ouch. you can delete the .wav audio files that MagicSwf2Avi creates.


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    Oct 2002
    Yan yung hinahanap ni JeepCruizerPH. Sana mabasa nya dito. Galing galing mo talaga idol! :D

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    Aug 2003


    yun pala yung converter eh...sabi ko na swf yung file ahihihi

    ang laking file nyan...moolah!

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    Mar 2003
    yung patrol diesel na m/t 4x4 din ba o yung mga a/t lang ang 4x4? wala kasing nakalagay doon sa site nila kung 4x4 din yung m/t.

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    Oct 2002
    yup, 4x4 na rin ang M/T.

    wala na atang available ng 4x2. they just did that para mapababa yung tax nila dati.

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    Oct 2002
    available pa rin ang 4x2 patrols. pero meron pa kayang bibili nito?

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2005 Nissan Patrol facelift, now with 5.6L V8