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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    naka-dikit yung compressor driveshaft sa side ng tire, tulad ng bicycle bulb generator of olde?

    but no, the guy said, it was just a blower and not an aircon.

    heh heh.

    Air conditioning a motorcycle / tricycle is possible.

    (1) Friction Drive Method

    The AC compressor is driven by the motorcycle's wheel. When the motorcycle stops, the clutch disengages and the flywheel keeps the AC compressor turning.

    (2) Exhaust Gas Driven Turbine Method

    Exhaust gases from the motorcycle engine spins the turbine which rotates the AC compressor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARRESOLIYAT View Post
    May nakita kasi akong trikes (2 to be exact) dito sa aming probinsiya na may cabin at AC (daw). Curious at interested kasi ako especially due to the surge of petroleum prices nowadays. Balak ko sanang bumili para panghatid sa anak ko sa school. jiofi.local.html tplinklogin is it down
    get a gas feed inverter gen set, to power an ordinary car aircon or buy those aircon that sells in alibaba made for truck cabin or motor home direct dc na mga yun.

    wala pang maliit na inverter aircon maybe yung portable

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    Jul 2013
    I don't think its technically possible not unless...

    1. Lagyan mo ng separate engine for the compressor
    2. use a bigger engine, 600cc yung bike
    3. bumili ka ng refrigerated van (yung pang deliver ng ice cream) tapos isakay mo yung tricycle sa loob

    IMO, better solution is to...

    1. Buy an Alto
    2. Small OTJ (those old enough will remember the mini-Cruiser) tapos diesel engine + AC

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