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We've been using Petron xtra unleaded Ron 93 on our city 2009 AT since 2009. Just this April xtra changed from 93 to 91. Then just this June I've tried it at skyway, hirap umakyat sa 5th gear. I tried sports mode sa sctex and it stayed at 110kph at 5th gear. Sinagad ko apak sa gas and it still 110kph. Then sa mga maliliit na uphill sa subic nahihirapan and acceleration, I'm expecting Pag nasa D eh automatic down gear, hindi sya nagdodown gear, ako pa nagshift sa S mode so I can down gear.

May sumubok gumamit into at sabi mali daw timing.

Ano ba gagawin ng Honda to fix the timing? Bala pedeng ako na lang gumawa?

first, eliminate the possibility that the transmission has issues. then check engine mechanical condition like valve timing lag due to stretched timing belt (use vacuum gauge). the pcm of the engine was designed to be able to do minor adjustments to the operating parameters within its tolerance. if the owner's ma nual says that you can use RON 91, then it should be okay unless it specifically requires RON 93 (our local RON might not be the true RON). there is little change in the burn rate of both RONs. the average burn time (from the time the spark is delivered up to around 23 degrees ATDC) is approximately 4 millliseconds. check the mechanical conditions first, from the engine, transmission, tire pressure and if the brakes are dragging