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    Feb 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by phangs View Post
    Noob here, pasali po ah.

    Sensya n pero ngayon p lng nagkaroon ng car, owner type jeep lang kc kaya ko dati eh. ang masama mas mahal p bili ko sa owner kesa sa tsekot..

    Last week ko lng nakuha, sensya average family lng po eh & liit lang sweldo.

    1983 3/Dr colt mirage, oldskul
    13" mags
    Red color, palagyan ko ng racing stripes pr magka design nmn

    Planning to restore it sa original looks onti onti.
    I like this model. IMO, dont put those racing stripes, it would look ricey. restore the old color.

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by migs0624 View Post
    Mitsubishi L200 Gray 1994 Model.
    Mitsubishi Galant VR Gray 1994 Model.
    Mitsubishi L200 Strada Blue (di kona maalala lol) 4x4 1999 Model.
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Corsica Yellow Lt. Ed. 2000 Model.
    Mitsubishi Montero GLS Savanna White 2009 Model.
    Mitsu fan ka talaga....too bad you're going to buy an accent for your mom, masisira ang mitsu line-up mo. sana nagmitsu lancer ka na lang

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    Apr 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    Mitsu fan ka talaga....too bad you're going to buy an accent for your mom, masisira ang mitsu line-up mo. sana nagmitsu lancer ka na lang
    lol haha. the other cars were not really mine, sa dad ko yung strada and the yellow GSR sa ate ko
    honda boy ako eh hahaha

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    Nov 2005
    '09 Montero Sport 3.2 GLS 4x4 AT

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    May 2009
    Meron pala nito..

    -1979 lancer - restored as what it looks.. bought as 2nd hand then sold =(
    -1994 Lancer EL-2nd hand- sold
    -1992 Lancer EL (singkit)-2nd hand-mods racing front/rear bumpers chins, spoiler, sideskirt. racing mufller, 16" alloy rims. sound set-up HU kenwood-planning to upgrade,well maintained cyclone Engine. seatcover Lethearette.planning to change rims to allow power steering assembly suitability.and in good running condition, planning to repaint again. 1 click starting anytime! i love this car!
    -2009 MonteroSport 2.5 4x2 - as is - still planning

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    Nov 2007
    Makikigulo lang hehehe

    Adventure GLS Sport 06 - two tone Gray-Black
    Adventure GLX 09 - Black

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    May 2009
    Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A / White..

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    Jul 2009
    1997 Lancer GLXI A/T (can't remember the color, basta yung parang red/violet ang dating) - nilagyan ko lang ng 15" na mags.

    2009 Montero Sport 2.5L GLS A/T, Savanna White - only accessory so far is a set of 22" Chrome De Moda Concept DF1s with Nitto 265/40 tires; sounds are still in the pipeline

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    Jul 2009
    My first car wayback in 1983 was Mirage colt, gold all stock

    Then Lancer 91 GLX - mods, sideskirts, changed stock mags to 15" Rota

    Then currently a lancer 2000 GLX all stock except stock HU to Mp3 capable player (Pioneer)

    - change stock 14" stock mags to either 16" or 17" rota or concept one
    - upgrade audio setup

    My mom owns a pajero 2000 model.

    Other members of the family are not mitsus:
    Altis 2007 1.6J Manual
    Vios 2008 i don't know model

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    Jul 2009
    2009 Pajero Sport 2.5GT

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