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    Nov 2004
    OK ba ang Spacewagon? The space it offers is just right for a small family. I don't care how it looks (since some people says it's not that good-looking), it's just that it will serve my purpose. A little more space than a compact sedan, that requires once in a while out of town trips. Ano ba engine nito? Weak points, etc. And more importantly, kumusta ang fuel consumption nito, city and highway driving. By the way, I'm referring to the local version. Magkano rin kaya ang ganito ngayon, mga 94-97 model.

    Hope you guys could help. TIA.

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    Oct 2002
    May carb and fuel injected niyan. Almost all of the Space Wagon is Galant-based including suspension and drivetrain.
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    ung crystal lights? ba tinutukoy mo?
    if so, most of them are efi's na i suppose.1.8L ang engine ng local dito sa atin. ang price range nyan is 250k-350k depends on the condition and nakalagay na accessoires siyempre..

    eto din sana kukunin ko pero JDM model ang target ko-->turbo diesel model.
    well, i cant say anu ang talagang good and bad points nito...pero, yes it has a better space than a sedan...pero still, iba parin ang van, kaya bagsak ako sa liteace..ay sorry, o.t. na..

    anywayz, i think 1.8L sohc naman niyan di ganung katakaw...unless siyempre when compared to 1.6 below,right?

    i think it is a good buy.. ask ko lang, since di ka din naman after sa sabi ng iba about sa looks, why not a hr-v? kung family of 5 or less lang naman kayo... kasi kung di din naman halos nagsasakay ng 7 passengers, suggest ko lang ito..

    but then, ikaw din magdecide..

    hope this helps...

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    Dec 2003
    pricey ata HRV compared to spacewagon, cguro at least 100k higher

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    ganun kalayo ang difference nila?oh well, stick ka nalang dyan sa spacewagon...

    mga mazda hatch(ung 323f,astina or 626-hatch)?pero mukhang medyu matatakaw mga ito compared sa spacewagon.

    parang kasi walang ka-competensiya ang spacewagon dito sa ating market,e....

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    Mar 2003
    dual aircon ba ang mit spacewagon?

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    Feb 2004
    hindi ko personal experience ito ha... pero kung kukuha ka man nito, wag na wag yung carbed 1.8L versions. sobra takaw daw sa gas, tapos ang kupad pa. kaya yung kaibigan ko nagsawa, binenta tapos kumuha na lang ng van talaga. liteace ata yun kasi preferred nya yung enough space pero di mukhang alangan pag sya lang mag-isa ang sakay. medyo makupad din liteace pero di daw kasing takaw nung sa spacewagon.

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    Aug 2005
    Tung turbo diesel ba na mitsubishi space wagon meron ba na local? kung wala, ok ba yung mga jp-version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ownertype
    dual aircon ba ang mit spacewagon?
    the local ones are definately not dual aircon...

    jdms ones usually sa mx, super mx, resort runners trims have dual aircons on it...

    jdm turbo diesels most of them are fulltime 4wd...and 4d68 ay walang local counterpart...kaya un mostly prob..body parts and most underchassis pareho na sa local spacewagon...

    siyempre, madaming cocontra sayong bibili ng mga converted units na yan kesyo di daw safe at pumapatay sa local auto industry, all i can say, safety comes from you and not the vehicle...pero ikaw na bahala mag-weigh ng facts...

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    Oct 2002
    We used ot have both the carbed and EFI models before... go for the '96-'98 (meron din '99) na EFI with the crystal headlights as this has more power.

    Things to look at:
    - a/c system
    - suspension (medyo kalampagin but can be affordably fixed)
    - have the engine compression tested

    Going price of a '96-'97 model is at 230K - 300K

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Mitsubishi Spacewagon, ok ba ito?