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    Apr 2004
    any ideas (and pics and specs maybe)as to when will mitsubishi be releasing the new adventure?

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    Apr 2004
    same lang yun inside nun ha... i don;t think they will release it soon, coz halos kalalabas lang nun full dress up model nila nun Adv here. Pre comment lang ang sama ng mukha nun new Adv sa taiwan, i think they hav a pic here. Search mo FREECA sa search enfgine meron n yan... same lang lahat sa inside,,,,

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    Apr 2004
    eh how about the next toyota fx-revo?any news on this one?

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    Aug 2003
    Lumabas na pala ang Mit. Adventure 2004...naka salubong ko lang kahapon...parang may gabobg Alien sa daan may makakama na ang StarEx hehehe

    same engine ba to? wat are the added features?
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    Apr 2004
    better noise reduction inside... bucket seats up front (wala na yung seat na pinipilit na dalawa magkasya)... front seat back trays and cup holders similar to Fordís Escape SUV... front facing rear seats (50/50 folding w/ seatbelts, pang dalawa nalang hindi na apat sa siksikan)... change the interior colors... they say the ride is improved (not certain if they changed anything in the suspension)... mags designs were changed... same engines 4D56 and 4G63...

    I wished they upgraded the engine, enhanced the suspension (SUV like na sana) and made the rear door ope sideways (like the Pajero).

    The looks don't bother me that much anymore... lalo na nung nakita ko yung Grand Sport sa autoshow nila sa alabang town Center (hanggang June 15, then lipat sa Glorietta sa Makati). Oks din looks niya kapag dressed up... lalo na siguro kapag naka bull bars...

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    Oct 2002
    i wanted to check it out sana sa casa kaso wala pa kong time...pero from the pics, mukhang lumaki nga yung mata nya... :D

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    I hope that they do away with spare tire at the back, parang pilit eh... and not practical, imagine your in a tight parking space, before you can open the back door, you'l have to swing open the spare tire and it takes up a lot of space.

    Am also not a fan of bull bars, adds to the overall width of the car, extra weight... Well kanya kanyang taste lang siguro

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    Jan 2004
    For me, I'd still go for the old look. Mas macho kasing tingnan kesa sa ngayon. Parang duling.

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    Apr 2004
    Meron naman easy remedyo diyan... palitan yung ng white yung dalawang yellow lights (na parang muta para sa akin) tapos lagyan ng tint/mask sa headlights para mamukhang slimmer yung ilaw... something like this... well, you can change the mask to a design that appeals most to you... but you get what I mean, right?

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    Oct 2002
    Could be. Mas mukhang macho nga. Sana pinakita mo muna itong idea mo sa Mitsubishi before they released this model para hindi na gagastos ang mga buyer to get a customized mask..hehe.

Mitsubishi ADVENTURE 2004