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    Oct 2002
    Salamat sa mga comments.

    Pwede alisin ang steps and guards ng GEN II.5 but it will leave ugly holes on the side of the vehicle kasi. Unlike sa GEN II na tanggal-kabit lang as needed.

    Patrol seems to be out of reach. Nasa Php1.1M pa ang early models and mas mahal pa ng konti kapag automatic (preferred transmission). Plus another Php100k or so for the 4WD conversion kit.

    Pero heto pa ang pampagulong tanong:
    Assuming prices would come out roughly the same (give or take a little), what would make the most sense? Build up the current GEN II, get a 1999-00 4x4 A/T GEN II.5, or a pre-owned local release Montero Sport?

    Reasons for considering the Monty Sport:
    *Dual SRS Airbags
    *New but still old school
    *Plenty 'o parts (thank you L200 Strada)

    Points against it:
    *Strictly a five seater
    *No rear pintle hook
    *Spare tire lives under car
    *Seems smallish
    *Won't it feel like a 'step-back' when you're already driving the Mitsu 'flagship' SUV?

    Thank you again!
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    Jan 2005
    hmmm...definitely out sa akin yung montero sport. downgrade na eh. even if it has abs and an extra airbag over the gen 2.5's driver-only bag.

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    Oct 2002
    I got to test the Monty Sport some months back in a parking lot sa Fort; it felt nimbler then the Pajero given the smaller size and (probably) lighter body. The trunk space left a lot to be desired for though.

    I'd probably still get a Gen 2.5 4x4 over the Monty Sport and juice it up a bit... hanap lang ng good condition na unit.

    The PAjero will also keep its value more over the Montero Sport.

    If only the Patrol were within reach eh... hintay ka nalang ng one more year or so; you can get the Patrol at the less than 1M price range na. In fact meron na offer sa akin at 900K+... problema lang gasoline model. Kawawa bulsa mo.
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    Oct 2002

    para mas tumagal sayo yung sasakyan mo. matagal na ulit magpapalit.

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    Oct 2002
    sa gen 2.5 pa rin ako kahit may MS hehe.

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    Oct 2002
    for me kung offroad look ang habol mo n budget conscious ka....stay with the gen2.

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How better is the GEN II.5 over the GEN II Pajero?[EDIT: Wildcard added]