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    Oct 2002
    nyahha... di ba may iba't ibang versions yung evo?. rs? ano pa yung iba?.. ano yung nandun sa showroom??

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    Oct 2002
    Sorry dude, i didnt see it up close.... i just went to their parts department (the small building on the side), the parts dude just mentioned that they have an evo. I noticed 5 studs yung gulong so evo nga :D

  3. FrankDrebin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hero
    i think its because they dont have enough money to produce and launch all new models...sales of their units arent that big so they are stuck making the old ones and considering that mitsubishi japan is losing money too..
    No offense sa mga Mitsu Lover, pero Mitsu is slowly losing its reputation in terms of f its product durability or to be exact, "its short suspension lifespan".

    I ask a lot of my friends if they where to buy another Mitsu but to my dismay they say, "Ayoko ko na mag Lancer, ang bilis kumalampag!".

    tsk. tsk. tsk. Mahal ko pa naman yung L200 ko.

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    Oct 2002
    Nakita ko po dito yung new look lancer sa Dubai, mas maganda pa po ang Lancer MX dyan sa atin....Mukha pong maliit at ang laki ng grills niya at bare po ang offence po sa mga naka lancer dyan..... Cguro kung Evo 7 style ang ilalabas dyan, oks na oks......

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    Nov 2002
    forget the lancer ... i'm lusting for the airtrek!
    imagine an evolution in wagon/suv form ... friggin hell! where else can you get a turbocharged 240bhp AWD estate/wagon/suv?

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    Oct 2002
    saw one this morning sa labas ng planta ng mitsu...tinakpan ng tape yung mga emblem....

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    Oct 2002
    I agree with Imn. I got nothing against Mitsu's just that I'm not fond of them. They don't sell really good sa ibang bansa so proably they send all left overs to countries like the Philippines.

    The new Lancer has been out since last year sa States and I'm sure when you guys see it, you'll agree with me that the older [or current diyan] body style looks a lot better than the new one.

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    Oct 2002
    sick and tired na of mitsubishi

    ever since mitsubishi na ride ko

    92 mitsubishi lancer GTi (sold)
    95 mitsubishi L200 (sold)
    96 mitsubishi L300 FB
    99 mitsubishi Strada L200

    dapat may medalya ako he..he

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    Nov 2002
    Mitsubishi is just emptying out its old stock of the Lancer and Pajero. Probably the long due new Lancer will be out early next year, and will most likely be priced lower than an Altis counterpart. If they launch it with the CVT automatic transmission (I hope they do), then it may attract buyers.

    Someone was asking if the Lancer displayed in Mitsubishi Motors at C-5 Libis is a limited edition. Well, it is the EVO 7, and the rear of the new Lancer is very similar to that, but the front is different.

    As for the new Pajero, I don't know if it can be had with 4WD in our country. Worse still, it might not even be launched here at all because it will cost too much. Anyway, let's keep our hopes high, because the new Pajero looks much better and has new engines! :wink:

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    Oct 2002
    Am I the only person here that wishes na hindi maubos ang GEN II? Hehehe. Siguro mahilig lang talaga ako sa luma. I'm still looking for NOS (new-old-stock) units of the Safari (like Ungas') and I used to drive a NOS Besta (Php 399K lang - brand new!). Yung sasakyan ng kapatid ko NOS na Sentra (Php 590K yata).
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