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    Jan 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by bunta510 View Post
    the look of the ASX isn't for everyone, there will be those who do not find it good. but personally i prefer it compared to the XV. My only gripe with it is the chrome inserts, but personally I hate chrome on my cars which is why I had this done

    nice one sir!

    thanks for all the info.. lalo ako nalito between mz3 and asx.. ganda kasi pareho eh. hehe!

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    Aug 2014
    hay,, mga 2 sakay pa.. mppsaakin kna.. hehe ano kya bgo next 2 yrs??

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    May 2011
    Hello Guys, commercial lang, you can join our 2yr old small group, Mitsu ASX:

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    Sep 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by neillien View Post
    Hi sir Bunta, thanks for this info. Where you still able to get the 50k discount?

    yup got a 50k discount. purchased mine oct 31 and got my unit nov 7.

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    Sep 2012
    both are priced the same, which was why I chose the ASX over the CX-5. But I also got a look at the Mazda 3. Nice kit, especially the hatch, but for me I wanted more ground clearance, just for practicality especially with our roads and there's a big difference with the weight, which will make up for the FC. In the end get what your heart desires be driving that car daily.

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    Jul 2007
    Saw the blue today and fell in love with the color, i love this car overall except the plasticky dashboard and small trunk (compared to jazz). Question rin mga sir, how was the u turn radius of this car? And keyless entry narin ba like auto unluck/open when you touch the door handle?

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    Sep 2012
    Keyless entry and push to start even with the GLS model. Autounlock from driver door when u pull the handle. But theres a separate button to lock/unlock all doors. cant compare turn radius to other sedans but turns better than a DMax and Montero, and steering is very light, comparable to CRV.

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    Oct 2002
    Took the glx for a test drive at the autofocus salon, but despite all the gizmos and hype, it did not connect with me. Felt like a girl's car.

    But that's me...

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    Jul 2007
    Thanks sir Bunta. How is your FC after a few weeks? And is the PMS every 5k? I reserved for the blue one. Hopefully to get it by end of Nov.

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    Jan 2011
    Ongoing 1000 PmS ako ngayon,, it depends on your choice, if mag fully synthetic ka 10k interval

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