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    Apr 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by garci View Post
    Manual ba sa iyo or automatic? I got only 5.6km/l on my 1st tankful of diesel (UniOil) with my non-vgt automatic. Stop and go traffic kasi route ko daily sa pag hatid sa mga kids. Hopefully it will improve pa.
    mga sirs, aside from maintaining your rpms below 2k, try increasing your tires' psi too. when i was still on stock, i had 33 front and 35 at the back. it kinda solved my problem (from 7km/li to 9km/li) on fc but the ride got a little stiffer of course. after i've changed my tires to 20s, i reduced the pressure to 31 front and 33 back. fc went a notch lower though (down to 8km/li) but the ride was better. btw, both are purely city driving and unit is a gls-v. hth.

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    Jul 2013
    masyadong taga presyo ng Kar Asia davao and would take half a day of my busy schedule so I had my 1k change oil and filter done outside the casa, cost me 2200 and 1 1/2hrs. did i just void my warranty? all the warranty for the whole 3yrs/100,000 kms ba mavovoid if ever?

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    Apr 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by MonteroGLSV View Post
    nice one sir kevin magkno inabot nyan sir?
    65k sir

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    Jul 2013
    Nice. kasama na tires jan sir?

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    Jul 2009
    Regarding FC's for 2013 4D56 Non-VGT's, medyo alarmed ako dahil sa mga previous posts na sobrang baba ang FC, (i.e ~6-7km/l, w/ an average weight/load).. One says, A/T, another one says M/T.. and it seems i was able to establish a pattern for them, "pure city driving".. so, i am SUSPECTING, could this be a case of "insufficient break-in" (pardon my term, pls correct me if merong proper technical term for this ) , like for the first 1k kms, vehicle might have only run purely on stop-and-go city driving pace..

    Since my route is Bacoor-Taguig, my daily drive consists of hiway routes in random order (Coastal express, Cavitex, Skyway, SLEX) , and during my first 1k kms, i see to it that i run it at 100kph and sometimes 120kph+ , and tone down after the express way ends.. So, in short, for the whole duration of fist 1k kms, I was able to VARY my engine speed/load,, which I really consider as a good/balanced break-in approach resulting to a good FC today... Even pure EDSA traffic on Friday evening Baclaran to SM North - to Quiapo - Lawton - Roxas Blvd , im still able to average ~9.5 km/L.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getget View Post
    Nice. kasama na tires jan sir?
    yep achilles

    btw fc ko sa montero is 8-10km/l mix city highway 2.5 non vgt sa vgt medyo malakas talaga. kahit sa strada ko na vgt malakas mga 6-8km/l
    sa highway madalas na hataw ako 150-180kph
    madalas full tank ako tapos reset ko odo after nun pafulltank ulit sa isang full tank ko 650kms.. minsan 700kms pa

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    Apr 2008
    btw im looking for honeycomb grills na tig 3300 or 3500 baka may alam kayo qc area

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    Jan 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by MonteroGLSV View Post
    me too,but i think this is normal.
    Pero nagulat ako nung nagyari:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin3000 View Post
    btw im looking for honeycomb grills na tig 3300 or 3500 baka may alam kayo qc area
    Search lang kayo sa sulit sir, marami ;)

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    Oct 2009
    kevin3000 - brand new ba yung mags and tires dun sa 65k bro?

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