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    Jun 2012
    got my ride last saturday CITADEL RED glx a/t..ask lang mga sirs, wala ba talaga kasama security alarm ung keyless entry system...bale sa car horn lang siya nakakabit....TIA

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    Jun 2012
    sorry wrong thread

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    Tip for glx owner who will add rear speakers. Targa x502 (5.0 or 5.25 inch) sounds better than Sony explod or Pioneer 5-inchers. It is actually much cheaper, but it is a set of long throw speakers that produce better bass and cleaner sound. Do actual testing at the store and hear for yourself.

    If you are looking for better gasoline with longer mileage use Petron blaze, as I understand, it is 100 pure gasoline to which the original tests for Mirage were conducted, and as you know, it contains higher energy per volume than E10.

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    Dec 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by youngrider View Post
    If you are looking for better gasoline with longer mileage use Petron blaze, as I understand, it is 100 pure gasoline to which the original tests for Mirage were conducted, and as you know, it contains higher energy per volume than E10.
    hmmm as i understand in other thread in tsikot forum that higher octane gasoline is best used only in high performance engine to avoid premature combustion/ engine knock. So for a 3 cylinder 1.2 l mirage the only benefit i see is the special additives that cleans and lessen engine wear, that each gas company offers like petron ecs, shell nitro and caltex gold. Medyo expensive ang petron blaze for an economy car like mirage.

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    Mar 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Hmm, but even with vinyl, naisip ko it might look odd. Unlike the ASX or Lancer kasi, the center part isn't recessed. So there really isn't a clear break between the center part of the grille and its sides. Even if the vinyl is cleanly cut, it will still be level with the bumper so it might look weird. The depth isn't that visible on pictures but I think in person it'd look awkward.
    i think micko sticko has done a mirage na ganyan ang concept.. check mo na lang sa fb nya.

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    Dec 2009

    here are some tricks we can copy to improve our fuel economy numbers

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    Jan 2008
    It is not about high octane gasoline but a 100% (minus performance additives) high quality pure gasoline in contrast to E10. I don't know if the Mirage ECM/Fuel injection has been calibrated for the energy content of E10 (Philippine versions) already. Try using a high performance pure gasoline and compare it with E10 especially in CVT Mirage.

    Regarding fuel economy, the real sucker among Filipinos is our tendency to drag race and drive beyond 80 KPH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kisshmet View Post

    here are some tricks we can copy to improve our fuel economy numbers
    Some of those may hold true for the stupid new NEDC tests, but US EPA tests are very specific, especially with regards to shifting and acceleration rates, and many of those tricks are banned in the US EPA testing regimen, which also tests for AC load, cold start conditions, cold weather conditions and hot weather conditions.


    For Mirage owners, the alignment thing won't work much. The Mirage has no camber and very little toe built into the stock settings.

    Disconnecting your alternator is a trick that hypermilers practice, but once you do that, you cannot add any electrical load. No AC. No fan. No radio. Otherwise you run the risk of running out of battery. Even so, consider that the steering is electrically powered, too.

    Some people go as far as adding a second battery, but that's a bit much for the minimal gain you will see, and you need to have a set-up at home to charge both batteries. You want a big gain? Remove the AC, completley. Compressor, condenser, evaporator, etcetera. Aside from the lower parasitic load and drag, there are enormous benefits in terms of weight loss.

    Lubricants, yes.

    Tires: The GLX has Ecopias, which are already low rolling resistance tires. The GLS has SP2050s, which are performance tires, but they have decently low rolling resistance. No real need to change until they are worn out.

    Tire pressure: 40 psi will give you great results. 45 slightly better if you can stand the ride. 50 will only give you very marginal returns for the excessive vibration and stiffness this adds to the ride.

    Brake pads: The Mazda2 uses a brake design that has the pads floating higher off the disc. Most cars have the pads lightly resting off the disc, but Mazda goes a step further and has the pad completely lift off when you're not pressing on the brakes. There is little way for you to do this yourself, since the brakes are self adjusting. Furthermore, Mazda redesigned the brake pedal on the Mazda2 with extra leverage to make up for the added travel. Unless you know how to do that... no.

    Removing weight: Always a good idea.

    Taping up body seams: Worth the aero benefit, but you would have to do it all the time. Pain in the butt when you need to check your oil. Easier and more beneficial would be to fashion a grille block for the tiny upper grille to smooth airflow over the car on the highway (as long as you don't do a lot of city driving). Also, the optional spoiler on the GLX causes too much drag. The GLS spoiler is better for fuel economy, so if you can get an aftermarket one that's the same shape, it's a good idea to do so.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2009
    ^AGREE, there are only 2 practical things owners can do with their car in the real world; use more expensive fully synthetic lubricants & over inflate the tires (downside is you have to endure a stiffer ride & risk bursting the tire). i personally would go for fully synthetic oil than high octane fuel

    the image only depicts the extent by which car manufacturers will do to stretch the milage of their products, many of which are not even practical in the real world environment
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    Mar 2013
    newbie here :hieveryone:

    ask ko po sana for GLS M/T power windows: me control po ba sa side ng driver?
    medyo makulit kasi kids ko so pag minsan nagbubukas ng window, kinocontrol namin sa driver side then lock it para di na nya mababa yung window nya.

    me ganon po ba sa GLS M/T?

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