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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ryan View Post
    After checking out the new CRV and finding out its price, I think the new Outlander will have a difficult time penetrating this segment.

    I think the Outlander looks much better (but CRV interior quality wins) and the 3.0L V6 engine is very nice. However, the Outlander's bigger engine might probably be the reason why most people will go for the CRV.

    Sayang talaga but personally, I think Mitsubishi worldwide will have a mini - comeback soon (like Nissan overseas) with products like Outlander, new Pajero, new Lancer, Evo X, etc.
    baka 'di rin gusto ng Mitsu na maging ala-people's-car ang Outlander nila just like Honda's CR-V, kahit sa'n makakakita ka. No offense to CR-V owners but I already see it as people's car...

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by heightdeprived View Post
    perhaps they are going to do a 'bastusan'scenario with HOnda?
    what's a bastusan scenario?

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    Feb 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by heightdeprived View Post
    baka 'di rin gusto ng Mitsu na maging ala-people's-car ang Outlander nila just like Honda's CR-V, kahit sa'n makakakita ka. No offense to CR-V owners but I already see it as people's car...
    Huh? From a business standpoint, isn't it that every car company will want to sell as many as they profitably can?

    I don't see anything wrong in a "people's car" branding cuz that shows how confident the market is in a certain product.

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    Jan 2006
    Overall, I like q's...


    ...the only things I rant about is that, first I thought it was a 7-seater, rather it's a 5-person accomodation only. Optional for the 3rd row seat lang, ngek! Lastly, those 2.4L 170hp will not penetrate the PHDM, only the 3.0L V6! That's according to the some personnel of Mitsu I've spoken.

    However, for P1.6M, it's not a downside tough, but it's worth w/ ALL those specs...(most especially the 6-speed paddle-shifter!)

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    tingin ko huli na ang lahat para sa outlander even pag late na introduce, mas mahal eh
    Good point no doubt

    However, there are some people in this country (though small as they are) that prefer to have cars with features & goodies rather than just having the bare necessities.

    I too am one of them and this is probably the reason why I would choose a Previa (3rd gen) over a Starex anyday (lack of tiptronic mode, no auto sliding door, no traction control, a/c is still not dual-zone, etc. etc.)

    Different boats for different folks but nevertheless, the demand is there.

    I still predict that this vehicle will sell. I mean... with a 3.0 V6 engine, manual mode, superb sound system and a price tag that is sightly lower than the 2.4liter RAV 4, I can't see why selling this car here is a bad thing.

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    Mar 2005
    with due respect sir pero only the purists today are very sensitive on technical specifications like V6, 3.0, 2.4L, 2.0L etc.

    I see the 3.0 V6 as a disadvantage more than an advantage lalo na pag streets of Metro Manila ang pinag-uusapan

    for two reasons:

    1. you will never ever maximize that feature here. unless you go home at 11pm every night and wakes up and leaves at 4am in the morning.

    2. you will spend more than the rest of the CRV-riding public yet covering the same distance.

    since a only few people are aware of the 3.0 Mitsu's pride Mivec engine, balewala din kung ipagmamalaki kasi hindi naman maiitindihan kung only 2 terms lang alam ng sangkaPilipinuhan - vTEC and Vvti

    masyado mayabang ang Mitsu for overpricing this vehicle. probably bec. konti lang ang stock nila (as law of supply/demand dictates). unlike the ever popular CRV na assembled locally.

    pero bakit naman ang Hyundai wala naman planta dito, pero they still manage to compete sa prices?

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    Dec 2004
    The new Outlander is worth the money naman kaya ok lang to tutal 3.0 MIVEC V6 sya at CBU from Japan which is really good..

    Hyundai competitive ang pricing dito?Are you crazy?Eh yung Getz 1.1 at Starex ang ok ang pricing the rest(lalo na yung CRDI Accent,Veracruz at Santa Fe na bungal ng isang airbag,3.3 Azera,Coupe etc) ay overpriced...

    I think Honda fanboys are just proud of thier new cheapo CRV's that's why they always bash the new Outlander...

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    May 2006
    Are the seats supportive?

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by swimstroke View Post
    Are the seats supportive?
    Yup, they're well-designed, comfy and it doesn't hurt your bum during long drives

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    Oct 2002
    The CR-V is more pedestrian than the Outlander. That should account for the price difference. The Outlander is not exactly designed to take Lola Puring and her amigas to Sunday mass the way the CR-V does.

    The Outlander is a more focused product as opposed to the broader appeal of the CR-V. The Outlander has 18" tires, Rockford Fosgate sound system, power folding seats, lockable AWD system, etc. It also has spaceship styling which is also not for everyone (but then again, the CR-V's frumpy/feminine styling is not for me also).
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