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    Quote Originally Posted by jaeger View Post
    All the right-hand drive countries get Outlanders with the 2.4 MIVEC like Japan and EU countries. This is also the reason why we don't have the CRDI variants (2.2 and 2.0 CRDI) yet since Outlanders that are CRDI variants available in inventory today are all right hand drive units destined for EU.
    Ow? But almost all EU countries use LHD cars as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan View Post
    Ow? But almost all EU countries use LHD cars as well.
    I think he means UK not EU, as well as New Zealand, Japan and Australia are all RHD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaeger View Post
    a friend of mine who works at MMP told me this - since Pinas is a left-hand drive country like the US, we get the 3.0 V6 variant since USDM inventories are available.

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    Parehas din sa Mainland China. Japan-made pero 3.0 V6 ang ONLY engine option doon. The 2.4 MIVEC is atm ONLY for RHD countries (like Japan, Australia, New Zealand,etc.)

    As for the DI-D, I'm not sure sa 2.2 pero yung 2.0 diesel CANNOT BE USED. It's a VAG engine at kailangan muna na i-approve ng Volkswagen ang paggamit nito outside Europe (kasi sa ngayon, IT IS NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE EUROPE). This is why there is no Mitsubishi Grandis sold outside Europe that gets the 2.0 diesel engine.

    Hope that helps shed light to this

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    Dec 2005
    may paddle shift pa ang outlander? ilang gearbox ang outlander at pa?

    you have heared on the Evolander
    so this is the picture.

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    Dec 2005
    ito pa ang picture ng Evolander astig ito!!!

    astig d ba

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    Share ko lang po pics of my car's new shoes
    20 in. SSA Torque on Hankook K104 Ventus (245/40/20) from factory 18's on Bridgestone Dueler H/T (225/55/20),much quieter at lalo pang nabawasan ang body roll, parang nakadikit sa daan
    I might put lowering springs once it's available or after the factory warranty expires.
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    Astig nga!
    Hawig nung akin kahit papano
    Outlander has a smooth shifting 6 speed sportronic with magnesium shift paddles as option on the top models
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    heto naman crash test picture ng 07 outlander

    safe pa rin sa loob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    I took pics but I dont have time to edit it now. :D Maybe tomorrow

    For me, you are not missing alot by not seeing it in person. In fact, it is quite underwhelming esp. after all the ballyhoo about how great, nice, best seller, it is etc....

    Re: ground clearance. It is quite low for this kind of CUV. It is more like a station wagon with a high roof. Its tail pipe is the same level as that of a car.

    It was fitted with oem large wheels and low profile tires. Make no mistake about this one, it is definitely for the asphalted or paved roads. Even leveled but unpaved roads might ruins its tires.

    Door panelling is quite disappointing, as it follows suit of the new Strada, with a plain plastic panel, with a small patch of moquette (fabric) on the arm rest.

    When I asked about the 2.4 Mivec engine, the SA says that would not be available. So I think that means both variants will sport the 3.0 V6 but I think one will be FWD while the top of the line is AWD.

    I was impressed with its tumbling and folding second row seats bec. it automatically locks itself into position until it is folded back into place again. This is what the gen2 crv, Toyota IMV, etc lacks.

    The dashboard is quite wide, very much like the one on the Grandis.

    The each wheel well is covered with a paper?/foam? material, much like the ones on the Mazda6 2.3.

    Since the PHDM Outlander has the third row seats deleted, one would expect more cargo rooms, but no. I think an Innova or Fortuner with their third row seats folded up can both actually yield more cargo space than the Outlander.

    It also has what appears to be power switches at the cargo area for folding/tumbling? the second row seats?
    sir, until when is the display? i want to see it this weekend hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlocaraddict View Post
    sir, until when is the display? i want to see it this weekend hehe
    I seriously doubt if Mitsubishi would continue displaying there over the week bec. it cost them $$$$ to rent that space and with not so much foot traffic during weekdays, I'm skeptical if they are still there. Then again you can try.

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