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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by nerbyoso View Post
    i'm afraid i have to change my position regarding this topic..there is no way the plane is going to fly.

    becoz...there's no pilot...there was no mention of a pilot in the original question...not even a turning on of the engine.

    joke lang lighten up your day.
    ding! ding! ding!

    doc otep, panalo na ba? hehehe.

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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93 View Post
    ding! ding! ding!

    doc otep, panalo na ba? hehehe.
    Baka naman UAV yung eroplano...
    ...the plot thickens!

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha_One View Post
    Baka naman UAV yung eroplano...
    ...the plot thickens!
    aha! ongano...

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    Jul 2005
    di ako engineer, pero i think the plane will fly because forward thrust is dependent on the engines whether propeller or jet acting against the air, and not on the wheels pushing against the ground.

    here is the best analogy i saw on the net to explain:
    A thought experiment commonly cited in discussions of this question is to imagine you're standing on a health-club treadmill in rollerblades while holding a rope attached to the wall in front of you. The treadmill starts; simultaneously you begin to haul in the rope. Although you'll have to overcome some initial friction tugging you backward, in short order you'll be able to pull yourself forward easily.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by beachbum View Post
    one thing more for all of you to analyze. an F1 car aerodynamics works just like wings but acting on oppsite direction, meaning pushing it down to the ground instead of lifting it up. the higher the speed of the car the stronger is the push downwards. put the car in a dyno or the same conveyor if you want. do you think it can create the downward force, no because there is no wind acting on it. even if you add in a jet engine behind, there will still be no downward force.
    Hehe... just shot yourself in the foot.

    An F1 car on a dyno is a car on an infinite treadmill. The dyno is basically a treadmill that keeps the car in place.

    Rev the engine, the dyno will show you how much power it is exerting to keep the car from moving. Correct? Because the dyno/treadmill keeps the wheels in place, no matter how fast they turn.

    Now, put a jet-engined car on the dyno. Try to dyno it. The dyno will show no power at the wheels because the jet engine doesn't power the wheels!

    The jet engine car will then proceed to rip through the flimsy nylon straps (the same straps that keep 1000 hp Skylines in place) and drive straight through the garage wall.

    Get it, yet?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2004
    But crashing is different from flying though.

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    Dec 2004
    Wait.. plane, dyno, nylon, garage?

    I think steel cables and a hangar would be more appropirate... not sure if I'll get any dyno readings either though.

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    May 2006
    what mystifies me is how you folks can type so darn fast?

    and who annoyed me was the person who's stupid enough to have left that conveyor belt on the runway!

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    Oct 2002
    I have stayed away from this thread, aside from posting lighthearted comments.

    BUT last night while lying awake in bed, I actually started to give this serious thought.

    The plane will not fly. Lift is created by air moving over the airplane's wings correct? Now there are 2 ways to move air over a surface:
    1. Accelerate the surface through the air
    2. Accelerate the air over the surface

    Let us examine the first one. Accelerating the aircraft wing through the air. Since speed = distance/time and the airplane is held in place, no distance is covered, hence no speed. No surface is accelerated through the air. No lift.

    Now for accelerating air over the wing. Even with the jet engines powering at full throttle(or whatever may pass for it in avionics), the air they suck -thereby accelerating it over the surface of the wing will not be enough to produce lit. And if ever they even succeed in sucking in enough air fast enough, it will not be distributed over the whole wing=no lift.

    Think of an aircraft carrier. They have steam powered cataputs to accelerate the aircraft over a short runway to acheive lift in what otherwise would be impossible situations. If the treadmill thing worked, then aircraft carriers would have these instead of catapults to slingshot their planes airborne.


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    Jul 2005
    sorry for breaking my word but i just cannot help it...sir, can you stop a car by aiming an electric fan into it? of course not..much like you cannot stop a plane by moving the runway under it...i dont think i can explain it simplier than that anymore...surrender na ako.

    i just cannot see why a plane that can normally take-off with it wheels rolling at 20kph cannot take-off with its wheels rolling at 40kph (i.e. the tarmac moving the opposite direction at the same speed) while maintaining its take-off speed.

    The prop/jet pushes the plane through the AIR until it reaches take-off speed, which is the same no matter how fast the wheels are going. again it uses the air to move forward and not the contrast to a car that uses the GROUND to move forward.

    re: aircraft carrier...sir, i'm sorry, but i didnt get your idea regarding the use of treadmill/conveyor on an aircraft carrier...wala akong nakitang use/role for it to launch a plane..

    ine-exclude natin yung VTOL planes dito sa usapan just to make it simple and not too complicated for others... but the way i see it the mere existence of such a plane (vertical take-off and landing) demontrates once enough thrust is created what happens to the ground is irrelevant...and thrust is not dependent on the planes wheels but in its engine/s that uses the air to propel it forward.

    a conventional plane is no different than a VTOL except that it is designed to use a certain lenght of runway to achieve flight.

    give it another serious thinking tonight.

Will the Airplane Fly??????????