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    Oct 2002
    hehhehehe.... sit in ba sa ongpin???

    ganda yan...dala kang kikiam...hehehe

    ako tagal na dito sa HK di pa rin marunong nang cantonese.....puro puti ang kasama ko dito eh...kung me chinese man sa opis namin, sa british or canada rin lumaki......

    dapat yata eh kuha ako gelpren na local dito ano, para matuto...hehehe private tutor ika nga...hehehe

    palagay nyo mga bossing??

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    Jun 2004
    I've enrolled to Language Internationale just this afternoon, in time to make it to my first class tonight. It cost P7,900 for a 30 hour lessons (2 hour a day, twice a week). They offer 4 levels of mandarin lessons but teacher said he rarely have people sign up for level 3. I think he said at level 3 and 4 you'll require one on one tutor instead. I think that cost P29,700. Kinda expensive, I guess we'll see after I finish the first 2 level.

    I don't think it's feasable for me right now to drop 2 years of my life to go to Beijing. Conversing in mandarin will be difficult. The goal right now is to learn to read in chinese. Once I get that down, I'm sure everything will fall into places.

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    Nov 2002
    sa mga dimsum places pag umaga.. hehehe

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    Nov 2002
    Ni hao? Ya Yantau Kiper.

    ako gusto ko din matuto ng Chinese and Nihongo.

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    Nov 2002
    good luck then on your mandarin lessons.. hope you really get to maximize that...

    take note lang just in case... as far as i remember, ang turo sa akin nun nung nasa LI ako eh yung mga sulat (texts) na pinababasa sa akin nun was yung traditional way of writing chinese.. this is good and still prevalently used in taiwan... but sa mainland china... yung shortcut way of writing na ang kadalasan ginagawa nila... kaya minsan di ko mabasa mga nakasulat.. pero pag nag uusap na o binigkas na .. nagkakaintindihan na kami...

    ako given the opportunity.. maganda yung sa beijing .. there's also one in shanghai i think... in a way you're dropping your life here for an extended amount of time.. but the experience you'll get there.. and the contacts that you may develop (considering classmates mo are from different countries) may be worth it in the long run...

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