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    Aug 2003
    Somebody once gave me a live fish for Kris Kringle(something alive daw) -- forgot whether it was dalag or lapu lapu. For fear of blowing my cover, i never took it jumped out of the water and died.

    At another "something alive" Kris Kringle event, somebody got the idea of mixing a hamster with a rabbit -- i guess the thinking was they both have fur so they'll get along. The hamster ended up bullying and tormenting the rabbit which was 3 times its size.

    Something Alive. Worst. Kris Kringle. Idea. Ever.

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    Jul 2007
    It's funny though hahaha

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    Mar 2008
    well, the buko someone received thru the kris kringle, was still there come valentine's.

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    Jun 2006

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    Jul 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    My best friend gave me a heavy thick huge sweater. I don't know where the heck I will wear that.

    Anything make up or nails make me happy. I don't know my friends risk it with other items pa hehehe.
    2nd year in a row that my best friend gave me my least favorite birthday gift

    She gave me a jewelry box with a CAT design. I hate cats! (except for hello kitty) Oh but she gave me candies which I like

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"What were your least favorite gifts you have received?"