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  1. Join Date
    Apr 2006
    im a bmx and rollerblade stunt rider as well.
    ayaw ko lang i-try parampahin ang tsikot.

  2. Join Date
    Mar 2006
    In the province, I drive/ride a lot of vehicles. Pero sa Manila di pwede kasi may MMDA.

    1) Cars - ofcourse - 1982 Corolla DX namin - Drift pa!
    2) SUVS, AUV and Pick-ups - L200 and Adventure
    3) Vans - L300 namin
    4) Trucks - Isuzu Elf (6 Wheeler to 10 Wheeler flat bed trucks) and Mini-dump trucks namin.
    5) Backhoe Ako lang mag-isa nito, wala kasi yung driver so I was asked to drive it to the site. Since obedient ako sa father ko, kahit nahihiya I still drove it.
    6) Grader - accompanied by our boy sa province.
    7) Tractor - learned to drive in a tractor when I was 7. I was hoping for a golf cart but then my father insisted for a tractor :sad:
    8) Motorcycle pero yung clutchless (XRM, Scooters)
    9) Bikes exept unicycle.
    10) Bulldozer - tried once sa quarry, used my feet to turn.

    I don't know if I can still drive heavy equipments... Since I last drove it mga 4 years ago ata.
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  3. Join Date
    Jan 2007
    a) tsikot
    b) van
    c) pick-up
    d) dump truck
    e) forward 6wheeler
    f) forklift
    g) bike (de padyak)
    h) jeep

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    working in a warehouse..........i operate stand up forklift, high-reach lift and pallet jacks

  5. Join Date
    Sep 2007
    motorsiklo (underbones or scooters.. ang big bikes)
    tricycle de padyak (yan ang tawag sa area namen)
    tsikot (both A/T and M/T)
    jet ski
    bump car
    paddle boat

  6. Join Date
    Feb 2003
    a. Forklift
    b. all kind of Bikes except Big bike and Unicycle
    c. TEMPSC

  7. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    light truck
    heavy truck (six wheels)
    go cart
    jet ski
    mini jetboat
    rc car

  8. Join Date
    Dec 2002
    - cars
    - vans
    - PUJ (yes! minsan kasi hinihiram ko yung sa pinsan ko pag meron malaki ikakarga)
    - PUB (tried it once during our company outing, I befriended the driver and asked him if pwede ako maglabas ng bus mula sa garahe ng resort...hehe trip lang)
    - Padyak..hehe dami sa amin nito
    - Tricycle
    - Motorcycle
    - Bike
    - Kariton (hehe!)
    - Kuliglig (sa province)


    Does anyone here tried manuevering the Electric Floor Polishers used usually by our dear janitors? Damn, I can't even make it steady. Yung Janitor namin kaya in one hand, no sweat..kaya saludo ako sa kanila eh!

  9. Join Date
    Apr 2004
    motorcycles. and i dont mean the twist-and-go scooters, although i can ride that too.
    syempre bicycles.

    i want to try jetskis and those big rigs hehehe

  10. Join Date
    Apr 2006
    motorcycles & carz..

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what else can you drive?