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    Dec 2003
    we'll see, i got 3-4yrs to go :D

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by missZ View Post
    Go willingly into the arms of strangers.

    depende naman sa stranger yan. :naughty2:

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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by FXT View Post
    depende naman sa stranger yan. :naughty2:
    ^ Come to Butthead... :frenchyf1:

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    Nov 2005
    Things A Man Should Never Do Past 30

    5. Name his "unit" his name plus junior.
    Yeah be more creative save junior for your son.
    8. Ask a policeman, "You ever shoot anybody with that thing?"
    You won't believe how many morons have asked me this question.
    18. Jokingly flash gang signs while posing for wedding photos.
    Dumb since most are preppies and don't know what the signs mean
    22. Wear Disney-themed neckties.
    What's wrong with the ties with the mouse in it?
    26. Air drum.
    But sometimes real drums are just inconvenient to bring
    28. Eat Oreo cookies in stages.
    Okay nobody eats an Oreo's in one bite, it's in the man handbook
    35. Propose via stadium Jumbotron.
    Don't do this unless you're sure it's a "yes", nothing worst than a whole stadium watching you get dumped.
    41. Purchase fireworks.
    But they won't sell it to my daughter.
    46. Organize a party bus.
    I have co-workers that still do this for bachelor parties.
    47. Say "two points" every time he throws something in the trash.
    Better take the backboard and rim out of the trash can.
    50. Purchase home-brewing paraphernalia.
    Have you ever tried home brewed beer? Nothing you buy can come close to it's taste.
    53. Keep a minuscule amount of marijuana extremely well hidden.
    It's usually the same moron who ask me if I have ever shot my gun.
    57. Own a vanity plate.
    Nothing wrong with vanity plates.

    [SIZE="4"]Things A Man Should Never Do Past The Age of One[/SIZE]

    By Jasper Jacobs, age 17 months

    Get circumcised.
    Getting this done immediately after birth is a western concept and a recent one for Pinoy's. I bet if you do a poll here most will tell you they had it done in their preteen days, specially for the guys over 30.
    Go willingly into the arms of strangers.
    How hot is the stranger?
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    Jan 2006
    ang magsolo sa bahay.. tsk tsk.. kakasira ng ulo.. wawa si mary palmer..

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Things Man Should Never Do Past 30