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    Jun 2004
    I'm proud of this country's rich history, culture, and heritage. Also, I feel like the pinoys abroad are much better people than most pinoys here. They have better accomplishments, better work ethic, better in handling money, and more honest. I'm also proud of the pinoys here back at home except the ones that have a ghetto mentality. I'm proud I'm a pinoy but ashamed of why some of these wankers are pinoy.

    I had an uncle who visited Canada. While there, he went to the public library, checked out a lot of expensive books and took it all back to Manila. He's proud of what he had done and bragged about how he beat the system. No remorse whatsoever. To top it all off, he's well-off financially. He just bought a house. He's also well educated.
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    Aug 2003
    re the nitrate-nitrite thing...ang pagkakaalam ko they used to use something-something nitrate to preserve food, pero later they found out na carcinogenic sya(in large or concentrated doses), kaya nagswitch to nitrites.

    that being said, there really isn't any sure way of knowing if someone's still using nitrates. di kasi uso ung food quality inspection dito

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    Apr 2004
    proud to be pinoy..!nananalaytay sa ugat ko ang lahing pinagbuwisan ng buhay nitong mga bayaning me maigting na malasakit at pagmamahal sa ating bansa..

    fast forward to present times where globalization is the name of the game and OFWs are considered the modern heroes..dito tayo mag-isip at maging seryoso sa pagpili ng ating mga leaders..'yong mga bobo at makikitid ang pagiisip hwag pasalihin sa critical decision making ng bansa..iyong mga with TOYMS potentials, sober-minded at galing sa matitinong breeding ang piilin natin..

    research pati bakit umaasenso ang mga neighbors natin then zero in on those weaknesses..kahit papano we have one thing in common with these advancing countries: limitless time to hit the goal needed..!let's just do it..!

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    Jul 2004
    yes i'm proud to be a pinoy. it's what we are. you can convert to another citizenship but at heart you're still a pinoy.

    we have lots of negative traits but we also have positive ones as well. its just that we are very much politicized and our political system is so flawed that it permeates the people's lives especially the 'masa'. so look what we have in the senate and the congress. bunch of comedians and opportunists who only have their welfare first in mind.

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