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    Jan 2004
    Originally posted by dieselNUBI
    iba talaga story ni spiderman... maganda talaga compared to other superheroes. dami nyang problems not even related to being a superhero.

    ano naman un kwnto ng clones?
    Sir, iyung sa clones storyline naman eh yung time na nagsulputan ng at least 3!!! Spider Men or characters na carbon copy ni Peter Parker and have same powers ni webhead.

    It was a very confusing timeline for spidey during the clone era since masyadong convulated ang storyline tapos di malaman kung sino ang totoong Peter Parker/Spiderman.

    These clones were products of spidey's villain, the Jackal and other less "kilalang kontrabida".

    But in the end, all were set in order and iyung mga clones were either killed or destroyed and iyung Peter Parker/SpiderMan na nakilala natin from way back eh sya rin pala ang original/authentic na webhead.

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    Dec 2003
    Originally posted by Djerms
    According to the making of the movie, the costume in Spidey2 was an enhanced version of the original one.
    Djerms: thanks for the info.... :whoa:

    magkanu kaya yung costume inabot?.... :dead:

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    Oct 2002
    kapapanood ko lng nung isang araww. ganda.
    hanep sa effects. first time ko anood ulit ng sine pagkatapos nung spiderman 1. hahaha

    mukhang si green goblin 2(jr.) na ung sunod.

    pero sana nga si venom para pati fantastic four extra. hehehe

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    Feb 2004
    i think yung next nya na kalaban si goblin jr, and then yung x bf ni MJ na tinalikuran nya sa altar. astraunaut yun, na anak ng may ari ng the bugle...he went to outerspace and sinapian sya ng alien, siguro dun ren start ang clone...

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    Oct 2002
    sino uli si Brock???

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    Jan 2004
    Originally posted by edzzz
    sino uli si Brock???
    Sir, sya iyung reporter/photographer na laging na-a-outscoop ni peter parker sa mga photographs at interviews ni spidey.

    Dahil sa sobrang hatred nya eh nag-bond sila nung black costume ni spiderman na symbiote pala (alien life form) kaya nagkaroon ng villain sometimes gud guy na si VENOM.

    Na-mention ata sya dun sa first movie eh.

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    Nov 2002
    madame pa kaya sa sunday na toh..hehehe

    tingin niyo puno pa?

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    Oct 2002
    Wag mo na intayin pa ng Sunday. Click here to download Spiderman 2 movie. (Quicktime Video: 16MB)

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    Mar 2003
    finally saw spiderman 2 last saturday. Dami pa rin tao. A totally awesome movie! The movie pretty much much imply who'll be the next villain or should i say villains to Spiderman 3. Definitely Harry O. will be Green Goblin II (no he's not Hob Goblin), Parker's professor Dr. Curt Connors will be the Lizard, and John Jameson will be man-wolf.

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    Oct 2002
    Pasensya na mga folks pero I was dissapointed with the movie, it wasn't what I was expecting. I consider it a so-so movie, even fell asleep half-way thru.

    IMHO sobrang baaaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaaaalll

    Well to each his own

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"Spiderman, spiderman..."