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    Oct 2002
    so sorry to hear about that

    hang in there man

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    Jul 2006
    Once again, thanks to those who replied. I just talked to my dad minutes after posting the last reply, I'm more worried about him because she was his mom. It looks like he'll be fine but he's effectively masking it. He knows I'm close to my grandma and he even mentioned the times when I would bring home McDo fries just for her! Hay the memories...

    Thank God the exams are over! Mukhang ok naman, sobrang puyat ako I woke up at 2pm nung Sabado. But it was worth it, I was able to get above average score sa Organic Chem exam ko. I usually get either an average or failing grade dun.

    I'm sure I will still feel the pain once in a while, and it won't go away. Well, like they say, life goes on...

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Rant - what a day!