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    Jan 2006
    Some of mine.

    Highway in Nevada

    Older photo of a float in Hachinohe, Japan

    RAF Jaguar Refueling
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    Jan 2014

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    Aug 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Question nga pala to the shutterbugs who also have full-time jobs, when are you able to shoot? Napansin ko kasi, compared to college, sobrang bihira ko nalang magamit camera ko ngayon.

    I want to make an active effort to pursue photography more, but I find that the corporate setup is such a hindrance to this.
    Personally, I find that it isn't really the environment that hinders me to shoot but rather the fact that I'm not a fan in lugging a camera bag that contains a DSLR and several lenses inside. After going for a mirrorless camera and just sticking to one lens (usually the kit lens due to flexibility) I find myself shooting a lot more since it goes along everywhere I go due to its lightweight nature.



    Blue Adidas sneakers on a backdrop of Sofitel's gray carpet

    My very own Focal TN53K tweeter and 3KRX3 midrange speaker drivers in custom aluminum billets

    Audison Thesis speakers in a Toyota LC200 in EMMA 2014 First Leg in McKinley Taguig
    The tweeter and midrange speakers alone are around USD $1,600

    Focal 6KRX3 midbass driver in a custom midbass panel on a Toyota Vios door

    Bird shooting in McKinley Taguig on the same day

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    Aug 2010
    For the B&W shots..

    Dad's Love
    - this was shot in Circuit Makati's karting track with the kid in a full Ferrari suit on a damn-hot day and man... karting IS expensive

    Draft Gastropub's "Got Tequila?"

    Greenhills Shopping Center's bazaar area

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    Jan 2006
    View while riding shotgun in my uncle's Jeep Commander Hemi. Somewhere along I-80 east of Reno.
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    Jul 2006
    Good day from Sugarlandia.


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    Jan 2006
    Night sky.

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    Jan 2006
    Relaxing at a cottage by Lake Ontario.

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    Jan 2006
    One of my uncle's dogs. Lovable little pooch.

    My family thinks this is camping. Not me. I don't consider it camping when we have a nice solid structure to sleep in, has hot water, electricity, and toilet/showers. Plus, there's a bunch of the wife's relatives to keep us company....;)

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