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    OT: oo nga sir oldblue, I remember that helmet thingy ni Fast Eddie. Found it weird, pero nonetheless, bilib me sa kanya dun.

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    the main purpose of atomic and nuclear bombs is for a country not to be attacked by a foreign power.

    in the 1st stage of WW2, nukes were non-existent yet. and so Hitler attacked his neighbors, and his axis friend did the same thing in Asia.

    our history is filled with nations attacking other nations (napoleon vs. british vs french vs. washington, civilizations conquering other civilizations (greek, roman wars etc). war is so easy to achieve ... assemble an army and an arsenal of war equipments, and you've got yourself a war.

    the invention of the atomic bomb stopped (delayed?) WW3 from happening. why? it changed the rules of war. if Hitler has a grandson today, he would think twice on attacking any nation without worrying that his homeland can still be attacked/destroyed.

    yun lang naman yun sa tingin ko. Nokor is telling the world, we're not Afghanistan nor Iraq, but we're Iran. Look at the US and Israel now, ingat sobra sila sa Iran.

    all this in the news right now, all hype as always. hype makes money flow, makes us alert, makes us paranoid, makes us explore the what if's and act accordingly.

    mas gusto ko pa isipin na cover-up lang yan detonating nuclear bombs underground for a noble purpose. after the Asian Tsunami, there were fears that the next major calamity will be in Turkey or Iran or the Korean Peninsula. (accdg to National Geographic). gumagalaw ang mundo eh thru the fault lines.

    Nokor is right beside the Ring of Fire (not inside).

    just my imagination running wild again
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    prangka lang yan si M54 Powered sir *flagg, ganyan kasi sa states eh hehehe. but in fairness, maybe sir *M54 should know that sir *Fast Eddie deserves some respect. I've been reading some of his posts way way back. and he's got some pretty sensible posts naman. in fact, at one time, I even admired him for being a good father to his family. the helmet thingy was odd at first sir *fast eddie, but noble ... definitely.
    fair enough. i know that political views don't necessarily make the man. but the follow-up posts do concern me.

    Quote Originally Posted by flagg View Post
    Cool lang sir M54... I'm always on your side.

    Just reminding that some people would misconstrue... and they did.

    Btw, HR reqs been getting to you again? You're usually more subtle than Fast Eddie observed...
    di naman boss. like i said, i just didn't feel like being nice or polite in response to what i view as irresponsibly fanning the flames of hatred for the US and Americans. but we're cool and if some people think my reaction was excessive or uncalled for, then i respect that.

    eto, not directed at flagg or oldblue, but hopefully my final post on the OT:

    i don't mind people saying US foreign policy sucks (i actually agree in many cases), but please don't say that the US PEOPLE think Pinoys are garbage. i grew up here and most Americans in my experience have a great deal of admiration and respect for the Pinoy spirit, hospitality, and ability to stay cheerful even in the most dire circumstances.

    let's try a little role reversal - if i posted on a US website that Filipinos are terrorists and all want to hurt or kidnap Americans, you would be calling me more than just stupid (and you'd be right )

    peace all.

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    Mar 2005
    sir *M54 powered, the US is like a woman: can't live with 'em, cant live without 'em.

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    back to the topic, the main difference between No. Korea having nukes and other countries having them is its leadership and the absolute stated intention to use them for intimidation and aggression, as wildthing pointed out. Kim Jong Il makes no secret about that - in fact, he's already made threats against Japan and the US.

    it's true that some nutjob can acquire nukes or come to power in a country that has them, but can we at least agree that in the present time, NK having them is far more scary than Japan, China or even Russia having them? i don't know how that can be debated. even China, who is not about to do the US any favors, is strongly against the NK action and strongly in favor of sanctions.

    another topic being discussed is whether the US should be the world's police. frankly, i'm tired of it and it definitely generates a lot of ill will around the world - not to mention the staggering expense in terms of lives and dollars. i'm kind of hoping that China will take this one, since it's in their own backyard ;)

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    sir *M54 powered, the US is like a woman: can't live with 'em, cant live without 'em.
    unless kamukha ni Madam Auring, in which case we can live just fine without them :bwahaha:

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    Careful she might cast a curse on you....... :spider:

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    Here's a different viewpoint from someone I know. I don't necessarily share the same opinion but it's something to ponder why some nations are rogue.

    Is South Korea more democratic than North Korea?

    Is the standard of living in South Korea higher than North Korea?

    The answer is yes but what does that mean?

    To Mr. Bush it means the excuse and the right to implement his policy of
    regime change in North Korea as one of the three countries nominated in his
    “Axis of Evil” and a target for his “Pre-emptive Strike” policy.

    The first country to receive this attention was of course Iraq. It is now a
    toss up which country will be next, Iran or North Korea? That the Bush
    administration was not kidding about its intention of carrying out the doctrine
    of regime change by pre-emptive strike action is evidenced by its invasion and
    occupation of Iraq.

    Now Watch for a ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incidence” (which was the pretext for the
    invasion of Vietnam and the slaughter of three million Vietnamese and thousands of G.I’s) It is on the cards that an “Incident” will also occur to the massive U.S. Naval presences in the Iranian/Persian Gulf, the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan around Korea.

    This policy of the United States cannot fail to have been noticed by the
    governments of Iran and North Korea. Some of Bush’s Neo con critics claim he
    should have put North Korea on the list first for a “Preemptive Strike, Iran
    second and left the weakest of the three Iraq to the last. The silly fools do
    they not realize “Oil” takes precedence always? In view of the openly stated
    intention of the Bush administration to go to war with these countries, how
    should they respond?

    Well human nature being what it is exactly the way they have by trying to
    obtain the weapon that was once declared “A Weapon of Deterrence” by the U.S. but that of course was in the cold war with the Soviet Union. The justification then was in the United States doctrine of M.A.D. i.e. “Mutually Assured Destruction” It would now appear that other nations like India, Israel, Pakistan and China have been converted to these former doctrines of the United States as a measure of self defence which is now being followed by Iran and North Korea. “What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander” philosophy.

    There was a golden opportunity to rid the world of the fear of Nuclear weapons in a United Nations resolution to the effect that all fissionable material should be placed under the supervision of The International Atomic Energy Authority, the resolution was passed by 147 countries “For” and only on nation voting “No.” No prize for guessing who voted “No” It was not Israel or the United Kingdom they abstained. The dreaded country Iran voted “For.” Shame on them!

    Therefore the proliferation of nuclear weapons (the phrase Bush cannot
    pronounce) is a direct result of the policy of the United States especially as
    enunciates by the Bush administration.

    We now have the incredible proposition that Korea a country, according to our media has the major part of its population starving and cannot even keeps its electric lights functioning to be a threat to the good folks in the United States, A United States which has the place surrounded by nuclear weapons on land, South Korea, the seas Yellow and Japan, under these seas with nuclear submarines, in the air by stealth bombers and from land based ballistic missiles in surrounding countries pre-targeted on North Korea. If the citizens of the United States swallow that they have been “Dumbed Down “more than anyone could ever imagine.

    The same military posture of the United States is duplicated in relation to
    Iran which is also totally surrounded with US nuclear weapons, so who threatens who, really?

    Any open minded person that believes that the United States foreign policy
    implemented by the mightiest force the world has seen, is benign and benevolent, should just look up the history of the United States during the last hundred years. Note the number of nations it has attacked, invaded, de-stabilized and occupied and then try and maintain the idea of a peace loving U.S. All this aggression has always been justified by gross lies; the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction lie follows on a long history of deception and perfidy.

    It has bombed more than forty countries since the end of World War II and
    inflicted millions of deaths all around the world. It has the world covered with
    nuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missiles and is planning to put Nuclear
    weapons in space. Its record in the United Nations is one of repudiation of all
    measures to establish world peace. It sole aim is world domination. It is an
    Empire more cruel than almost any Empire preceding it. The U.S. with only 6% of the world’s population and consumes over 60% of the worlds resources is
    determined to maintain this imbalance and even widen the gap between the rich and poor even in homeland U.S.A.

    More wars mean more profits for the Bush family investments in The Carlisle
    Group of Companies, the Halliburton’s etc., more taxes for the middle class and cuts to social services.

    The people in the Soviet Union changed their government without the need for U.S. Marines. They did it themselves through “Perestroika” and “Glasnost”
    introduced by President Michail Gorbachov. People will eventually overthrow
    unjust regimes without foreign interference which only exacerbates the situation leading to massive destruction and loss of life. . Let the North Koreans and Iranians sort out their own governments. The Iranians got rid of the U.S. installed Shah, leave them to sort out the Ayatollahs themselves. Iran and North Korea cannot go anywhere they are over gunned and surrounded. Of course Bush is not interested in democracy; he is steadily destroying it by increments in his own country. . He is only interested in the profits of the Military Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned the world about. Let’s not listen to more of the war profiteers lies.

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    Nice ananlysis ala Tom Clancy

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    Jan 2005
    while everybody is concerned about the use by NK of atomic weapons, instead what would prevent NK from selling the nukes to terrorists with lotsa cash?

North Korea Performs Nuclear Test