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    Jul 2003
    hala nagoyo pala kami ng fedex... 1800 binayaran for tokyo japan, yun plastic bag nga lang ang laman eh...

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    Jul 2004
    Originally posted by theveed
    DHL hongkong overnight mga 800 ata for documents...

    d ba pwede pdf form? :D

    Hindi e..I have to send the actual documents, so the NZ guys can check for print quality

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    Aug 2004
    Sir you can call me, I own a franchise of a courier company. The name of the company is Surex. Pwede kita bigyan ng competitive rates. 09178390711 or 9277773. Look for Joseph

    Guys kaya iba iba yung presyo for different packages, dahil iba iba rin yung classification and possible na yung weight iba iba rin.

    Basically para madetermine mo yung price, determine mo muna first kung document or parcel. Documents yung mga documents lang talaga, yung mga non-documents parcel na kagad. Then determine the actual weight in Kilos. Pagkatapos find the specific zone for a particular country (kadalalasan pag nagwalk in ka sa mga courier company may mga destination matrix sila na nakaprint, dun mo makikita yung zone).

    Isa pang reason kung bakit iba yung price ng mga Postal Service (Regular Mail via Philpost) sa Courier Service kasi iba talaga yung service. Yung sa Philpost, meron sila yung regular international mail. For documents lang pwede yun. Mura nga kaya lang matagal naman. Kung kailangan mo mapadala kaagad yung documents mo, at syempre for added security and for tracking, use courier services. Mas mahal pero in the end, kampante ka sa padala mo. May updates pa kung nasan na yung package mo.

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    Jan 1970
    i have a question, para saan ang taxes and duties? kc i ordered some stuff from victoria's secret, i paid thru credit card pati ang postal fee amounting to $109. then when FEDEX delivered it to me, meron pa daw akong babayarang P2,847! gulat talaga ko!!!

    ang mahal naman!

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    Aug 2004
    pagkaalam ko lang ha, taxes and duties na yan dito na sa bansa natin e, am not really sure, pero pagdaan kasi dito, sa customs, syempre kailangan mo bayaran kaagad ng taxes. so baka dun yung hinihinging taxes and duties. Taxes and Duties rin kasi depende dun sa mahal ng item na nabili mo =)

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    Jan 1970
    sa customs nga daw, pero bat naman ang laki, more than half ng price ng items

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    Oct 2002
    LehBoy: Do you guys have balikbayan box service? How about "pagtanggap ng binili" hehe.

    We (at Big Bert's) always buy stuff from the web in the US, prob namin lagi shipping from US to here. We're looking for a company that we can ship the items to (from US seller to the courier directly) then the courier will ship it to manila.

    Please email me at david* if you have anything like that.

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    Nov 2003
    LehBoy, oo nga naman. Baka naman mayroon kayong balikbayan box service. I often buy from the Net, but the stuff I purchase are audio CDs, DVDs, some gadgets, etc. My perpetual problem is finding someone who can bring the darn things home from the States. Should you come out with this kind of service, I'm sure many people will patronize you.

    theveed, kung saka-sakaling makahanap po kayo ng ganyang klaseng serbisyo, paki-timbrehan niyo naman ako. Hindi naman detailing materials ang binibili ko, eh : ).


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    Jul 2004
    maganda nga yung balikbayan boxes. in foreign countries where there is a sizeable filipino population, they offer shipping these at flat rates regardless of weight and content (basta legal lang, hehehehe). the only drawback is that shipment time is about 2 months. i understand that they consolidate this in a container van first and then this is shipped via sea. most deliveries are only to metro manila. kung probinsya, may extra charge pa

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