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yeah but most of those changes is because of technology, but look at the way they plan, their practices and the way they do things. yes it changed but very minimal to the point that it is unacceptable. the government still prioritize what will benefit them the most, that's what i'm saying that nothing has changed.

instead of a country that should be rising, our country is slowly being left behind by others. a country that has people as smart as us shouldn't be in this condition.

if that's the only way our people could think off then there is no hope.:bwahaha: we should learn from our mistakes, accept it, learn from it and then improve ourselves. we need to reconstruct our government, yes it will take years to be fixed properly and lots of sacrifices and probably a little help from foreign countries. in return a great country, one we could truly be proud off and our children and the generations to pass after them deserves. truly i don't know how we will do that but i'm sure kung magkaka isa mga e they will figure out a way.
Got your point sir,but should the citizen be the only one to learn from mistakes,we all know those in the position knows no mistakes they've made,so how can we change our government where we are on their pity.i really dream of the day when we can have an honest government,not just on one person but all employees of every branch of services,di masamang mangarap